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Tennis | February 27, 2013

Canyon Lake Tennis Results from Fredericksburg Tourney

Canyon Lake Tennis has also started their season and these are the results from the

Left to right: Taylor Irby, Jordan Paty, Jarrett Sczech, Rebecca De La Cruz, Kayla Burh, Shelby Merritt, Sarah Jones, Hailey Jones

Fredericksburg Tournament on February 14th.

Taylor Irby and Jordan Paty were Consolation Champs in Boy’s Doubles.

Jarrett Schech was Consolation Champ in Boy’s Singles.

Rebecca De La Cruz and Kayla Burh were Consolation Champs in Girl’s Doubles.

Shelby Merritt and Sarah Jones finished in 3rd for Girl’s Doubles.

Hailey Jones was Consolation Champ for Girl’s Singles.

Abby Andress finished 2nd in Girl’s Singles. (not pictured)