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Coaches Corner, Softball | February 7, 2013

Softball: Coaches Corner with John Gallagher/Schedule

The ReSporter:What are your thoughts entering this

Head Softball Coach John Gallagher


Coach John Gallagher: “Excited and optimistic about starting a new year. First goal met; starting a Junior Varsity team.”

The ReSporter: How has your practices been going?

Coach John Gallagher: “Practices going well. With the great weather we have been able to maximize our time and stay on schedule. We have 22 young ladies out and they have been working hard to learn the system. The big surprise is we have a few girls with above average speed/quickness.”

The ReSporter: How will you insert the basketball players when they arrive?

Coach John Gallagher: “With the arrival of a few basketball players we are now putting them through a tryout process and trying to solidify our varsity positions and put in our offense/defense.”

The ReSporter: What have you seen as a result of the pitcher’s circle being further from the batter’s box?

Coach John Gallagher: “The 43 feet is going to yield more hits. We were blessed with a very good pitcher (Romero) who graduated and our freshman pitcher Alexis Robinson will be a very good pitcher in her own right over the next four years. She is working hard on her movement, accuracy, and speed. She knows she has big shoes to fill but welcomes the challenge.”

The ReSporter: What is the thinking with this group of players as they think about how last year ended in losing that playoff spot on their last game?

Coach John Gallagher: “The players from last year’s team knows that we had a chance to make the playoffs up until that last game. That game has been the rallying point for this season. Win the games you should and Finish. ie. play a complete game.
I feel we can be a better team defensively and another year wiser offensively.”

Upcoming Schedule 

 Varsity                                           Junior Varsity
 Feb 09     @     Marion (4 Team Scrimmage)
 Feb 14     @     Navarro Tournament (Huber Ranch)
 Feb 15     @     Marion     7pm                   5pm
 Feb 16     @     Navarro Tournament (Huber Ranch)
 Feb 19   Home    Blanco     7pm                   5pm
 Feb 22   Home    Comfort    7pm                   5pm
 Feb 26     @     Luling     7pm                   5pm