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Baseball, Player Profile | February 16, 2013

Super Fan: Bill Phillips

Super Fan Mr. Bill Phillips can be seen at almost all of Canyon Lake’s venues

Bill Phillips enjoying a Baseball game in the warmth of a Press Box

cheering on young athletes in many fields.

You have seen him, he has that special place in the Hawk Gymnasium, up behind the student section, or walking up to a press box during a football game, or how about seeing Phillips hanging out at countless Baseball and Little League games.

“I played Junior High Softball because there was no baseball at my school,” Mr. Bill started. “With both of my brothers, we played every sport.”

So going back to Junior High days the seed had been planted and now you have ‘Super Fan’ still showing his support for athletes in the Canyon Lake community.

Just sitting by Bill and watching a game will give you wisdom as you listen to all of his recollections of games from the past.

Not to mention his countless one liners that are lined up inside his mind like every Baseball Coach would be preparing a line-up card.

Coaches know him as ‘Bill’ and seeing him at all of their games does not go unnoticed.

“My Dad played semi-pro baseball back in 1938 when we moved down to Houston,” Mr. Bill continued. “I have been around the kids watching them play and grow with all of their skills and attitudes.”

Mr. Bill does have some favorite moments when he is at games being totally in that moment.

“They (youth) are funny, because you can predict what they are going to do and say, I especially enjoy watching the fans while the game is being played,” Mr. Bill reminisced. “It is more fun watching the students as they have no idea of what is happening on the court while they are there to be seen more than they are there to see a game.”

“It is all about their interaction with each other and how they visit during a game.”

When asked what he was doing before the school was built, “I was doing nothing before Canyon Lake,” Mr. Bill said pointedly.

“I did not take in any of Smithson Valley games, but I started going to little league games when Canyon Lake opened up and I was always doing something else but mostly with the Lion’s Club.”

“One of the best times was back in 2010 when the 12 year olds won their Championship,” Mr. Bill stated with resolve. “I have known Eddie Avey (the coach of that team) since he was 9 or 10 years old.”

Canyon Lake is more than having moms and dads in attendance at sporting venues, when you have people like Bill Phillips being there to watch young man play sports and taking in that same warmth of a loss or win and know you will have better days just around the corner.

What would you like to leave as a words of wisdom with these student athletes?

“When it is time to play ball you need to get your head in the game and don’t get distracted and always stay focused, and as the saying goes…’If it is to be, it is up to me,” Mr. Bill closed.

What was poignant about those final words was having this ReSporter listening to Coach Brian Owens talk to his team after their last outing about those exact same words and what needs to be done by his team.

“Stay focused and don’t get distracted.” Coach Owens admonished his team as he talked about how they allowed Llano to score seven runs in that last inning.

Thanks Bill Phillips for being a ‘Fan’ of these young students, you are not an unnoticed person in the stands and now people will be watching you, checking on how engaged you are to the game being played.