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News, Sport News | February 2, 2013

The Hilltop ReSporter is Starting Third Year

The Hilltop ReSporter started in February 2010 after The Hilltop Reporter could not survive as a Newspaper earlier that year.

Needing something to do with a passion, The ReSporter wanted to give Students from two schools more than just a line in a sports page with a score.

Hence, it was time to help by responding with a Website that would just deal with sports for Canyon Lake and Bracken Christian.

It has been a fast two years and The ReSporter has churned out 674 articles covering as many sports as possible.

Football to Track and every sport in between has been a fun venture keeping fingers typing whether the result was a loss or win.

Several nights a week either on the road or at a home game has been a challenge, but just having a chance to report on Students makes this a worthwhile endeavor.

A special thanks for all the Businesses that have helped in supporting this site and thanks for reading.

The ReSporter looks forward to covering more events this coming season.