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Baseball, Game Article | February 13, 2013

Varsity Baseball: Is Pleased with game against Burnet

Watching Baseball through new Screen.

The Hawk Varsity Baseball team had a satisfactory scrimmage at Burnet last Tuesday night.

Yes, this was a scrimmage meaning that you don’t have a winner or losing team, but after having two years where everything that could go wrong going wrong, then The ReSporter will give your Hawks the win last evening.

“The game went good last night,” Head Coach Trent Dunavant said. “We would’ve won if this would not had been a scrimmage.”

Canyon Lake had two glaring problems in the past two campaigns: Pitching and fielding would be those nagging weights that bogged down this team in the past.

In fact, you could say that the Hawk’s hitting was in the dumps too, except that teams can win many games without hitting. When your pitching and fielding is going well, then a chance for a win becomes an easier goal during a season.

“We played pretty well defensively, we maybe had just two errors,” Coach Dunavant fielded. “We threw a lot of strikes and kept the ball down and overall I am pleased.”

Senior Logan Felch, who will be starting the season next Monday against Marble Falls went 4+ innings in this scrimmage.

“He (Felch) will not be in my rotation this Friday when we meet Llano as we get him ready to start our season,” Dunavant continued. “We already have a lot better idea of what we will get with Logan (Felch), so now we will be seeing how our other pitchers perform to find out how we will use them as this season unfolds.”

Canyon Lake has had some lean years but now you have a bona fide bonanza of sorts when you have a Coach having to decided how to use other pitchers during the season and games.

Last year Coach Dunavant would of been happy when nine players showing up to play in a game. Ok, it wasn’t that bad.

“Overall I’m pleased,” Head Coach said with a relieved sound.

Canyon Lake Varsity will play Friday in Llano while their JV starts this Friday at home against the same school.

Come out and watch the future and prepare for the present this coming Monday at home with Marble Falls.