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Football, Player Profile, Sport News | February 6, 2013

Wesley Dicks Signs on With Northwestern Oklahoma State

Wesley Dicks has gone where no Hawk Football player has gone in the short

Senior Wes Dicks signs on dotted line being flanked by Mom and Dad

history of Canyon Lake sports.

Mr. Dicks was recruited by a school for a full scholarship on National Signing Day for College Football.

This 6’3 290lb man has made his living serving Pancakes Blocks for three years on opposition players attempting to tackle a Hawk player.

A lot of hard work and drive has finally paid off as Wes was flanked by his Mom and Dad in CL’s gym on Wednesday morning having this opportunity to continue his education with the signing of his letter of intent to play for Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

“It has been a blessing, honor, and privilege to be a part of Wes’ football career and in helping in his development,” Offensive Line Coach Chuck Wallen said. “He will make the Coaches from Northwestern Oklahoma real happy they picked him.”

Head Football Coach Charlie Drum started the ceremonies praising Wes by bringing up something much more important than an oblong ball, when he commented on how well Dicks had also performed in the class room.

“I’m excited,” Wesley Dicks sighed. “I finally get to think about College and where I’m going to play.”

When asked about highlights of his days on the gridiron at Canyon Lake, Wes said, “Every game that I got down in the trenches was a highlight for me.”

“I will play wherever (Northwestern Oklahoma) Coach wants to put me but I want to play mainly on the OLine (Offensive Line) and I will be majoring in Education.”

Dicks played that last comment like he was pulling off the line to clear a way for a Canyon Lake running back.

Wes Dicks signs with Scott (his Dad) looking on

“Any time we needed a first on third or fourth down I would always tell our Coaches to run right behind Wes on our line,” Coach Wallen commented. “He was one of the best lineman I have coached that could pull and seal the outside defense for our running backs.”

Of course, there were also two very proud parents in the house for this occasion and even a mention of his two older sisters who apparently kept Wes in line while growing up.

“He is a very good kid,” Cindy Dicks said. “I’m happy for him to go and I’m thinking about moving so I can see him play. But I’m also happy for him to get that opportunity to play…he can do anything he wants to do.”

Scott Dicks was instrumental in putting together plenty of film on his son. The good thing about Wes is that Dad did not have a struggle in finding his son on the field when he could just scan the playing field looking for one of the largest players on the line.

“It is a 10 hour non-stop drive to his campus, so much of my time will be listening to his games on radio,” Scott Dicks said. “I’m as proud as a peacock and now I will have time to go fishing.”

“When you work hard and dedicate yourself to it, then you can do it,” Wes said proudly as he answered what he would like to tell younger players.

Canyon Lake will have a huge hole to fill on next year’s team along with a key leader for that line, losing all of those games of experience that can only be matched with more players to step up and lead by example.

“No one could stay with him,” Coach Wallen finished. “In our game with Sealy last year, Wes played with a broken foot and Running Back Zach Henshaw ran right behind Wes on many of his long gains in that game.”

“I would like to thank Jesus first and Coach Wallen,” Wes said with a box of Donuts being held in his hand as skillfully as a Dad holding a new born. “And also my recruiting service, CPOTX, they really helped a lot.”

Another first for Canyon Lake as far as having a signing on National Signing Day, but something you see each time you witness another Athlete declaring for a College from Canyon Lake.

A humble, dedicated, confident, and respectful young person readying themselves for that next chapter in life.

Canyon Lake does not take a back seat to any school with students possessing those qualities and this day was witnessed again by all who attended this young man’s ceremony.

Congrats Wes and continue your trek through life with those same qualities you showed on this day.