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Coaches Corner, Girls Soccer | March 28, 2013

Coaches Corner with Playoff Kudos-Soccer’s Katie McWhorter

The ReSporter: Coach Katie McWhorter has just completed her first year as Canyon Lake’s Girls Soccer and we would first like to congratulate you and your team for making the playoffs this season.

Give us your overall assessment of this season?

Coach McWhorter: “I am very proud of this season. My girls worked very hard, and despite some inexperience on the team and many injuries, we managed to come in third place in our district and make it to playoffs.”

The ReSporter: With so many players on your squad, tell us how this might be a great building block for future campaigns.

Coach McWhorter: “This season was my first at Canyon Lake, and I am definitely hoping that this season is the beginning of something special for Canyon Lake soccer. It will be hard losing our seniors, but I am looking forward to seeing the new crop of talent from the middle school, and also seeing my current girls develop into stronger, more skilled players.”

The ReSporter: Give the Hawk community your words of recollection for your Seniors that played their last game and what they meant for the Hawk Soccer Team.

Coach McWhorter: “My two seniors, Lauren Justis and Jasmine Smith, are just fantastic girls. They are both the total package of what you want in a soccer player – bright young women with great attitudes and terrific athletic ability. As team captains, they really helped to pull together our group, and I think that helped a lot as our season progressed.”

The ReSporter: Knowing that you have been in a ‘David vs. Goliath’ situation when facing 4 and 5A schools, give us an idea of next year and also what happens when Canyon Lake will be paired up with a district of their peers.

Coach McWhorter: “We will be in the same district next year. It is the 2014-2015 school year that we will move to a 3A soccer district.”

“It definitely makes me feel confident that these teams we are playing now and will continue to play next year will help prepare us tremendously for when we are in a district with teams our size.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach have a great off season and we will catch up with you next Winter.