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Game Article, Track & Field | March 23, 2013

Hawks were Tracking in Wimberley and Lost to the Dance Team

Hawks lost points for Track and Field when several athletes were dancing out of their blocks for Thursday night in San Antonio while CL was competing in Wimberley.

Canyon Lake hopes to have all of their athletes next week when the Hawks host their meet on Thursday before Easter Break.


JUNIOR VARSITY                                                          VARSITY

100 M Dash                              Discus
 Atticus Crader     11.66 5th  2pts      Thomas Gregory    118-11    4th     4pts
200 M Dash                               Justin Monfils    109-11    5th     2
 Aaron Adalpe       25.57 5th  2        Long Jump
1600 M Run                               Christian Dittman   19-1    5th     2
 Mike Russell     5:18.00 6th  1        Pole Vault
Triple Jump                              Christian Dittman   13-6    3rd     6
 Joseph Arredondo    36-7 2nd  8        4x100 M Relay       44.20    3rd    12
 Tayvion Soliz       35-3 6th  1         Eduardo Covarrubias
Discus                                   Daniel Camarillo
 Gordon McCleary    105-4 2nd  8         Doug Hubnik
Pole Vault                               Shane Relkin
 Wyatt Wiggins        8-6 4th  4        4x200 M Relay     1:32.50    2nd    16
4x100 M Relay       47:21 5th  4         Eduardo Covarrubias
 Nick Adams                              Daniel Camarillo
 Joseph Arredondo                        Doug Hubnik
 Cody Murray                             Shane Relkin
 Robert Woods
4x200 M Relay     1:40.89 6th  2
 Nich Adams
 Joseph Arredondo
 Cody Murray
 Robert Woods
4x400 M Relay     3:55.68 5th  4
 Joseph Arrendondo
 Atticus Crader
 Hunter Lehman
 Alex Martinez