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Lady Hawks 1600 Meter Relay Team has a High Cost for Shirts

Canyon Lake lowered their 1600 Meter Relay by nine seconds at the Hawk Relays last week

Canyon Lake New and Improved 4x400 Meter Relay Team (Brookelynn Helmke, Hannah Graves, Amber Ramsey, and Mariah Ellis)

and with that time now have the best results in District 27-3A.

Not only the best time this year among fellow District Schools, but also their time of 4:10.53 was a new standard for future CL 1600 Relay teams.

The good news is that the Hawks have at least two more weeks to see how low they can go to set an all time standard.

Mariah Ellis, Hannah Graves, Brookelynn Helmke, and Amber Ramsey were in control of this relay from the beginning to end.

This is a good nucleus of students which has a lot of potential as this season now gets into a much more serious stage.
Ellis a Sophomore
Graves a Junior
Helmke a Junior
Ramsey a Junior

Here is how the Schools for District 27-3A have performed with their best run this season:

 1. Canyon Lake     4:10.53    Hawk Relays     3.28
 2. Boerne          4:13.74    Boerne Meet     3.27
 3. Fredericksburg  4:15.37    Texas Relays    3.30
 4. Navarro         4:16.38    Navarro Meet    3.28
 5. Bandera         4:22.60    Bulldogs Meet   3.23
 6. Wimberley       4:25.60    Texans Relay    3.21

Now take a look at the Hawks last three years and how this team stacks up with previous CL Teams.

 1. 2013     4:10.53      Hawk Relays         3.28.13    All Time Best
 2. 2012     4:11.15      Dripping Springs    3.29.12
 3. 2011     4:11.67      District Meet       4.13.11
 4. 2010     4:11.18      Regions             5.5.10
 5. 2009                  Did Not Compete

Now it will be time for CL to finally break that 4:10 barrier that has been holding past teams at bay.

You will notice that most of the Schools this year have had their best 1600 Relay results at Meets held in their back yard.

This girls relay team had some special shirts that must be a must have after hearing their reason for running such a good race as all four girls stated, “She (Coach) said she would take away our shirts.”

Now be aware as this team has a high value on those shirts based on coming down so much time in order to keep them.

Brookelyn Helmke was very adamant when asked what this foursome needed to do to break that barrier of 4:10, “Work hard, eat healthy, and give everything we got!”

Not bad advice for almost any athlete during this time of year, however what you can not feel in that statement is how it was stated. With vigor and sense of purpose.

“We wanted to win to prove that we belong,” Junior Amber Ramsey stated.

Looking at those times above and when in each year this Relay Team has started their climb earlier and hopefully that will result in a better finish and that ultimate goal of gaining a berth at State.

Two givens in Track Meets these past four years for Canyon Lake and other district schools.

You usually have your best time at a District Meet.

By looking at when those schools above ran their best time was at home.

Canyon Lake will be running their District Meet at Hawk stadium and hopefully both of those entities will stage a great chance of breaking some more records.