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Game Article, Track & Field | March 8, 2013

Lady Hawks finish strong in Hays Track Meet

Canyon Lake Girls Track has several hurdles to clear this year in their meets.

Track and Field is one sport that a team is not limited on the number of participants that can participate. Well kinda….

Baseball you play with 9
Football you play with 11
Basketball you play with 5…

You get the idea, this sport can be dominated by teams with the most athletes many times.

Points are scored through a sixth place finisher and many times a team that will run away with a team award will be that school with many finishers that finish in that 4-6 place slot.

Look at Fredericksburg Track team and you will see many athletes scoring points which adds up.

Canyon Lake Boy’s team last year finished a distant second to Fredericksburg even though the Hawks had top finishers in several events and relays. However, where CL had one finisher, Fredericksburg would have two or more.

This year’s Girls team is short on numbers and consequently will be hard pressed to finish that high in points simply because of less athletes in each event.

It is what it is, but especially in meets where CL is competing with 4 and 5A schools you will see how hard it is to score points in a big fashion.

With that being said here are the results for this week’s meet in the Don Shelton Relays with other larger schools.

Marisa Ellis continues to have good results in the Triple Jump and High Jump as she hopes to continue her ascent to Austin again this year.

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity finished third in this tough field and these Hawks dominated the Triple Jump as they finished in the top three. Bailey Drum finished first followed by Halley McKnight and Sydney Reibschlager.

Sydney Reibschlager scored 22 points and was followed by Bailey Drum scoring 17….Halley McKnight also had a great night also with 17 points.

Molly McIntire also finished second in the 400 Meter Dash against the larger schools and 13 total points for the Hawks. This was a great showing for this group of athletes.

Here are Results for Don Shelton Relays
Varsity        Event    Time    Finish   Junior Var     Event     Time   Finish
Trena Lorett   100 M    13.73   5th     Molly McIntire  400 M     67:58  2nd
Trena Lorett   100 Hur  17.71   5th     S Reibschlager  100 M Hur 17.78  2nd
         4x100 M Relay  53.46   5th     Bailey Drum     100 M Hur 19.31  6th
 Hayley Melone                          S Reibschlager  300 M Hur 53.08  4th
 Trena Lorett                           Bailey Drum     300 M Hur 54.06   5th
 Grace Allen
 Brookelynn Helmke                                4x100 M Relay   54.46   3rd
        4x200 M Relay 1:54.02   5th     Halley McKnight
 Amber Ramsey                           Kelby Gonzales
 Brookelynn Helmke                      Molly McIntire
 Grace Allen                            Sydney Reibschlager
 Mariah Ellis                                     4x200 M Relay  1:59.87   5th
        4x400 M Relay  4:19.59  3rd     Halley McKnight
 Amber Ramsey                           Kelby Gonzales
 Brookelynn Helmke                      Molly McIntire
 Hannah Graves                          Gabby Sanchez
 Mariah Ellis                                     4x400 M Relay  4:30.50   3rd
                                        Halley McKnight
 Kaelin Simmons   Shot Put  32'1  4th   Bailey Drum
 Kaelin Simmons   Discus    92'9  6th   Kelby Gonzales
 Marisa Ellis     Triple Jp 36'2  1st   Gabby Sanchez
 Marisa Ellis     High Jump 5'0   2nd
 Mariah Ellis     High Jump 4'10  6th   Bailey Drum     Triple Jp   32'0   1st
                                        Halley McKnight Triple Jp   30'9.5 2nd
                                        S Reibschlager  Triple Jp   30'5   3rd