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Game Article, Track & Field | March 21, 2013

Lady Hawks Track and Field Adds Table Tennis to Events

Trena Lorett getting ready for her next Event.

Lady Hawks Tracksters are pretty powerful considering the number of athletes they have participating for the team this season.

Trena Lorett is one of those athletes that would be entered in every event they would let her enter and that is certainly as asset for the Hawks this year.

Unfortunately for CL they only allow five events per meet.

Lorett has been playing Volleyball, Basketball, and every Sport allowed in Track.

Put is this way, if they had Table Tennis, then this young lady would be involved.

“I’m super competitive and driven,” Lorett stated matter of fact. “If I was in the stands watching a sport, then I would want to be out there competing.”

One thing that could be hard for most people is making the switch between sports during the year.

Lorett has that covered, “When I’m playing Volleyball, then I’m playing select Basketball and when I’m playing Basketball, then I’m playing select Volleyball.”

You can see how Lorett takes care of that potential problem. She just double ups with competitive sports.

Wondering what sport she likes above the others? “Basketball,” Lorett bounced. “My passion is basketball and it has always been my favorite.”

Lorett moved here from Lockhart and The ReSporter thinks she might have ran from Lockhart to try and beat the moving van to the Hill Country.

“Lockhart was a 4A school and coming here did not have the elite type of schools in this district,” Lorett stated. “I really enjoy Canyon Lake more than Lockhart, here we are a team and Lockhart was more focused on individuals.”

Everytime you look up on the track field, it seems that Lorett is in that event, “I’m in five events and I like the 100 meter open the best…it is just one of those events you can see the finish line and you can get it over with.”

Since Lockhart is noted for Bar-B-Que, The ReSporter wanted to know Lorett’s favorite spot to eat in Canyon Lake area, “I go to San Marcos to eat.”

Makes sense, it gives Lorett a chance to go the speed limit versus going 20 miles below the speed limit traveling to New Braunfels.

Knowing how competitive she is that would just make sense.


Wimberley Track Results will be entered on Friday.