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District 27-3A Girls Field Events Summation

Canyon Lake will be hosting District 27-3A Track and Field this Wednesday and Thursday and

Sophomore Mariah Ellis

The ReSporter will break down each school and event to help in letting fans know what are some don’t miss competition.

This will be a three part series and we will look at the Field Events first and then get into running events in the next two days.

The Lady Hawks will have some impressive matches and below is how each team will stack up in those Field Events based on their performances this year.

Field Events (High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus, Shot Put, Pole Vault)
 1. Fredericksburg   73
 2. Wimberley        40
 3. Canyon Lake      38
 4. Navarro          24
 5. Bandera           7
 6. Boerne            4

These numbers will change since many of these events have several Athletes that are tied or close in proximity of each student.

Marisa Ellis Triple Jumping for State

For instance in the High Jump you have five of the six jumpers tied at 5’2 and that sixth lady is only 2 inches away from that same height.

When you have that many athletes at that level then this event will certainly come down to number of misses as that bar is raised to each new level.

Canyon Lake has two very capable young ladies from the same family, Marisa and Mariah Ellis.

Marisa finished third last year based on that same scenario, when three ladies finished with the same level and too many misses getting to that level had a third place finish.

Marisa Ellis has topped her present official mark, but that Meet was not official and therefore cannot be added to her best jump.

Mariah had a jump of 4’6″ last season during the District Meet and has certainly raised the bar and has also reached that 5’2″ bar. How this young lady handles her tries will give CL an idea of how many points can be attained.

The High Jump Event will be a can’t miss and The ReSporter gives this a must see. Lots of drama as so many athletes try to finish in that top three and a trip to Regions.

Triple Jump will be a Canyon Lake dominated event if all three ladies just stay within their best jumps up to this point of the year.

Marisa Ellis won this event last year and carried that on to State where she finished sixth.

Dancie Singleton from Fredericksburg will be Marisa’s toughest competitor as Singleton is presently about 7 to 8 inches from Marisa’s best.

Mariah Ellis and Trena Lorett are next in line and if these two match their present best jump

Freshman Bailey Drum getting a Jump in Practice

then Canyon Lake stands a chance of reaching 20 points with their best or same results up to this point.

Once again The ReSporter feels this is a must event to watch especially since Marisa Ellis is a Senior and to see her realize a chance of making it to State again and finishing higher than her sixth place finish last season.

Canyon Lake fans will have even more time at this Jump Event as the Hawks have three students that could also sweep the Junior Varsity and this will also give fans a chance to see a bright future for CL.


Long Jump is not a very strong event this season and right now Navarro has two of the best jumps this season.

CL’s Trena Lorett has the seventh best jump so far and if she can pull off a ‘Bob Beamon’, then the Hawks will realize some much needed points that are not on that point total above.

Marisa Ellis also could surprise some people and score some points, but this quite frankly is not her favorite event and she will be concentrating on those other two jumps.

The Discus would be a nice look as Texans’ Abby Wetzel and Billies’ Hailey O’Neill are only separated by three inches and lead the rest of the field by over 11 feet.

Canyon Lake has Kaelin Simmons in the running for points as she has the fifth best heave so far and is only three feet from getting a trip to Regions. That would also be a big help for more points for the good gals.

Shot Put has a much closer set of numbers with five ladies (including Simmons) with a throw over 30 feet.

Fredericksburg’s Kyra Wunderlich leads with a two foot advantage, but once again Simmons for the Hawks has a chance of making Regions if she can improve her throw by one foot that would put her in the running for more CL points.

Pole Vault is one of your more dynamic field events simply based on having so many intricate details going into each Vault.

This event will be Kally Long with Wimberley’s to lose. She has a vault of over 2 feet more than her closest competitor.

The Pole Vault will be in finding who will accompany Long to Regions. That will be between three Fredericksburg ladies.

Canyon Lake does not have a student participating in this Vault so unless you are from Fredericksburg or Wimberley, then you might want to saunter over to one of those CL Field Events so you can cheer on those Hawk Ladies.

Tomorrow The ReSporter will concentrate on the Relays and Dash events….stay tuned.