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Game Article, Track & Field | April 12, 2013

Hawk’s Track and Field Meet (in one word) Disappointing

Disappointing Track Meet for Canyon Lake as scratches and being DQ on the Relays were so dominant you needed a big eraser in order to take all those potential points that literally flew out the window.

There was some good news at this year’s event but so much bad happened you had to wonder if the Mayans were off a few months with their predictions of the world ending.

Three different Relays were DQ, two for the Boy’s and one that involved the Girl’s Track Team.

How about some good news:
Marisa Ellis came through with two first place finishes as she will try to add to Field Events to her State Track resume.

Ellis topped the 37 foot mark and also topped that High Jump bar with a 5’4 jump, which was two inches more than she had for this season.

Jordan Anderson also will be going to his third Region Tournament in Kingsville when he soared to a 6’2 inch High Jump. Anderson has a best of 6’6 at the Hawk Relays and tried for a personal best (6’7) after being the last Jumper standing.

All three of these marks are among the top in 3A meets that have been compiled up to this point.

The ReSporter will have some more research this weekend to give a better idea of where these two athletes stand as well as CL’s other qualifiers in this Region as well as in Texas.

The 1600 Meter Run was also a present surprise as Mike Russell has now broken his own record by another 6 seconds when he coasted across the finish line right in front of Senior Chris Neiland.

Canyon Lake had never had a runner break that 5 minute barrier and in this Meet had two on that same run.

That bodes well for future years as well as the JV Girls Team, who continued to impress with another good Meet.

Kaelin Simmons will have two chances at Regions when she will have an opportunity to compete in the Shot Put and Discus.

Simmons was one of a few CL Athletes that actually had something good happen during this two day event.

Simmons will be peaking at the right time as she prepares for another meet. Her best throw was at last year’s Region Meet when she threw the Discus 89′ 9 feet.

Her throw of 111 feet is a whopping 21 feet longer and will give her a chance to represent CL in high fashion.

This year will have only the first two competitors qualifying for Regions which proved to be a bad situation for Pole Vaulter Christian Dittman.

Dittman had a 14’0 vault and finished third, but that height also is the third highest in 3A at this writing and will not even get him out of District 27-3A.

Canyon Lake Ladies will have Marisa Ellis in two events (High Jump and Triple Jump), Kaelin Simmons in two events (Discus and Shot Put), and 4×400 Meter Relay finished second which also qualified this group for Regions.

Hannah Graves, Mariah Ellis, Brookelynn Helmke, and Amber Ramsey will be taking a trip to Kingsville for a chance for a State tryout.

Canyon Lake’s Girls Junior Varsity finished second which was expected as the usual cast performed with no flaws.

The Hurdle Events have not produce many points in previous district meets, but that scenario should change next year as freshman Sydney Reibschlager and Bailey Drum both had good days.

Victoria Brotherton also scored in both of the hurdle runs.

These JV athletes scored in double digits for CL.
 name                   Pts       Events
 Bailey Drum            25        100 & 300 M Hurdles, Triple Jump, 4x400 M Relay
 Sydney Reibschlager    24        100 & 300 M Hurdles, Triple Jump, 4x100 M Relay
 Haley McKnight         21        4x100, 4x200, 4x400 M Relays, Triple Jump
 Molli McIntire         18        400 M Dash, 4x100, 4x200 M Relays
 Gabby Sanchez          15        800 M Run, 4x200 , 4x400 M Relays
 Kelby Gonzales         13        4x100, 4x200, 4x400 Meter Relays

Impressive group of Lady Hawks for CL’s future hopes in Track and Field.

Triple Jump might be a Canyon Lake staple as the Hawks finished 1-2-3 for JV and 1st and 4th for Varsity.

For the Canyon Lake Boys there was slim pickens as only Anderson will be continuing his season.

However a special congrats for Senior Branson Belcher who established another record for the Triple Jump when he leaped 42’0.75 feet and finished third.

Belcher upped his previous mark by over a foot when he topped 40’11 at the Hawk Relays.

For the Junior Varsity Boys, Freshman Gordon McCleary will have a spot on the Varsity next season when he finished first with a throw of 39 feet in the Shot Put and 114’02 with the Discus.

Those two throws finished First and Second respectfully for the Hawks.

Freshman Brandon Ward will also see time with the Varsity next season as he will try to shore up CL’s weak Hurdle Events. Ward finished Third and Fourth in both events on Thursday.

 Girls Varsity                       Girls Junior Varsity
 100 Meter Dash                      100 Meter Dash
 4. Trena Lorett        13.42        4. Courtney Clay         13.93
                                     5. Lauren Justice        14.05
 200 Meter Dash
 4. Grace Allen         27.86        200 Meter Dash
                                     6. Courtney Clay         28.95
 400 Meter Dash
 3. Hannah Graves       61.86        400 Meter Dash
                                     1. Molli McIntire         64.04
 3. 4x100 Meter Relay 51.99          4. Savannah Cooper 68.93
 Trena Lorett
 Grace Allen                         800 Meter Run
 Mariah Ellis                        3. Gabby Sanchez        2:42.78
 Brookelynn Helmke
                                     100 Meter Hurdles
 2. 4x400 Meter Relay 4:11.56        1. Sydney Reibschlager    17.05
 Hannah Graves                       3. Bailey Drum            18.60
 Mariah Ellis                        6. Victoria Brotherton    19.79
 Brookelynn Helmke
 Amber Ramsey                        300 Meter Hurdles
                                     4. Bailey Drum            52.41
                                     5. Sydney Reibschlager    53.67
 High Jump                           6. Victoria Brotherton    55.89
 1. Marisa Ellis         5'4
                                     2. 4x100 Meter Relay      53.71
 Long Jump                           Sydney Reibschlager
 5. Trena Lorett     16'0.75         Molli McIntire
                                     Kelby Gonzales
 Triple Jump                         Halley McKnight
 1. Marisa Ellis       37'1
 4. Mariah Ellis       33'11         2. 4x200 Meter Relay     1:55.14
                                     Gabby Sanchez
 Shot Put                            Molli McIntire
 2. Kaelin Simmons     34'0          Kelby Gonzales
                                     Halley McKnight
 1. Kaelin Simmons    111'0          1. 4x400 Meter Relay      4:24.83
                                     Halley McKnight
                                     Bailey Drum
                                     Kelby Gonzales
                                     Gabby Sanchez
                                     High Jump
                                     1. Savannah Hernandez        4'8
                                     Triple Jump
                                     1. Bailey Drum              33'2.5
                                     2. Halley McKnight          33'0
                                     3. Sydney Reibschlager      32'3
                                     Shot Put
                                     6. Kendall Drum             28'0
                                     6. Caitlyn Mabry            72'8
 Boy's Varsity                       Boy's Junior Varsity
 1600 Meter Run                      100 Meter Dash
 4. Mike Russell        4:55.73      3. Adikus Crader           12.05
 5. Chris Nieland       4:57.01
                                     200 Meter Dash
 300 Meter Hurdles                   5. Conner Ricker           24.62
 6. Devin CoCo            46.08      6. Nick Adams              24.66
 4. 4x400 Meter Relay 3:33.03      800 Meter Run
 Shane Relkin                        5. Dave Pfaff            2:13.71
 Isaac Mendez
 Javier Mendez                       110 Meter Hurdles
 Doug Hubnik                         3. Brandon Ward            18.01
 High Jump                           300 Meter Hurdles
 1. Jordan Anderson         6'2      4. Brandon Ward            46.30                                                      5. Alex Martinez           46.63
 Pole Vault
 3. Christian Dittman      14'0      4. 4x100 Meter Relay       47.08                                                      Joseph Arredondo
 Triple Jump                         Nick Adams
 3. Branson Belcher     42'0.75      Cody Murray
                                     Robert Woods
                                     3. 4x200 Meter Relay     1:37.88
                                     Nick Adams
                                     Joseph Arredondo
                                     Robert Woods
                                     Aaron Aldape
                                     5. 4x400 Meter Relay     3:50.61
                                     Joseph Arredondo
                                     Adikus Crader
                                     Alex Martinez
                                     Hunter Lehmann
                                     High Jump
                                     5. Aiden Bea             5'4
                                     6. Dalton Head           5'4
                                     Pole Vault
                                     2. Tommy Clark           9'9
                                     Triple Jump
                                     5. J. J. Nance         34'10
                                     6. Joseph Arredondo    34'8.25
                                     Boys Shot Put
                                     1. Gordon McCleary     39'0
                                     2. Gordon McCleary     114'02