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Standings, Track & Field | April 9, 2013

Lady Hawks Track and how they fare for Dash and Relay events

Grace Allen, Brookelynn Helmke, Mariah Ellis, and Amber Ramsey Teaming up for the Relays

Canyon Lake will be hosting District 27-3A Track and Field this Wednesday and Friday and The ReSporter will break down each school and event to help in letting fans know what are some don’t miss competition.

This will be a three part series and this is our second part for the Ladies. Today we will go over the Dash Runs and Relays.

The Hawks will have some athletes that have a decent chance of advancing to Regions and especially with the 4×400 Meter Relay where they pulled off one of the best times in this area a couple of weeks ago at the Hawk Relays.

So you know there is speed and now the young ladies will be trying their best with the help of fans coming out to encourage and cheer them on.

Fredericksburg is a team with more depth and that always helps when you are trying to put distance between you and your competitors.

Wimberley also has a pretty strong team in these venues.

The Hawks are presently ranked in Fourth Place if these events were held by just putting best times on paper.

Short Distance (Relays, 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Dash)
 1. Fredericksburg     81
 2. Wimberley          64
 3. Navarro            48
 4. Canyon Lake        44
 5. Boerne             31
 6. Bandera            18

Starting off on the 100 Meter Dash you have four students less than a second a part.

Abby Ottmers with Fredericksburg and Emily Shapiro have the best two times.

Trena Lorett is the fastest runner for the Hawks and she will need to improve one/tenth of a second and that could put her in the point column.
The 200 Meter Dash has two ladies only 100th of a second from each other and that could be a one-two punch for Alex Duncan for Wimberley and Hanna Castillo for Fredericksburg.

Grace Allen for Canyon Lake is presently at Fifth Place and if she can improve her mark by two tenths of a second then she could have a seat on the bus to Regions.

Hayley Malone and Lexy Jackson would need to step it up about one second to help out Canyon Lake

Lexy Jackson will be giving it her all this week in the District Track Meet

with points.
The 400 Meter Dash is one of your toughest events in track and the Hawks have had Hannah Graves in a position for getting back to her Region spot that she held last season.

Graves brought her time down her last time out and will hope to continue peaking at the right time to surprise and get into that inner circle of three for qualifying for Regions.

Bandera’s Analisa Gonzales has run under 62 second mark and has over a half second lead over the rest of the schools.

Graves will have to make a couple of tenths of a second to get within sight of making a return trip to Regions.
The Relays will all have one team that seems to be a little better than the other schools.

For instance with the 4×100 Meter Relay, Fredericksburg has a time that is almost a second faster than Wimberley and then another break has Canyon Lake with the third best time.

The Hawks will be battling it out with Navarro in this event.

This is the one relay that passing that baton can make or break a team and so still anything can happen and surprises would be one item to make this a different set of clubs in that top three.
For the 4×200 Meter Relay race Fredericksburg once again has a huge lead in this event.

Try over three seconds over Wimberley.

Canyon Lake is bunched up presently with the fourth best relay time and will be battling that Navarro team again for a chance to continue their season at Regions.
The most exciting Relay is the 4×400 Meter race and Canyon Lake has put a best of 4:10.53 and presently holds a three second lead over Boerne.

Don’t count out Fredericksburg as you might have already guessed that with their depth they might throw some athletes in this race to make it interesting.

Plus this is the District Track Meet and adrenaline will be pumping and these students will have many chances for surprising results.
Tomorrow The ReSporter will concentrate on the Long Distance and Hurdle events….stay tuned.