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Game Article, Track & Field | March 31, 2019

Lady Track Team has District Meet Next @ Canyon Lake’s Cinders

                       Adriel Rico waits for the baton from Chelsea Tschoepe at the Texan’s Relays.              (photo by Karen Holmes)


The Lady Track team has finished their last regular season meet and will now embark for the next level when Canyon Lake will host the District 28-4A Meet this coming Wednesday and Thursday. The Wednesday time will start at 10am and on Thursday the meet will commence at 4pm with the final races.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

Wednesday will have qualifying races and final field events. The only exception would be the longest run the 3200 meter run which gives those athletes enough time to recoup if they have have those same type of events on Thursday.

For this meet the Junior Varsity was competing against some powerhouse schools and that drained a lot of points for those athletes that might have a chance of scoring in those other meets.

Kaitlyn Johannessen and Shelby Palmer combined totals 36 of the team’s 53 points as Johannessen finished first in the Long Jump and 300 meter hurdles events. Palmer used 3 events to get her points while Hannah Gallagher placed in 4 events for her 9 points on this night.

CL’s Varsity was headed by Alyssa Strickland who finished 1st in her mainstay (100 meter hurdles) and had a PR with the 300 meter hurdles in breaking the 50 second barrier. Madison Churbe placed in 5 events, giving her 16 points that was the 2nd most for the Hawks.

Audrey Schulze finished with 11 points, that was headed with her 3rd place finish in the 200 meter dash, while placing in 3 other events for her total.

                 Way to Go Hawks!!

The Hawks will be relying on some of the Soccer teams players to help after their Bi-District contest on the same day as this Meet.

A good time for the Canyon Lake community to come out and see some good athletes from around the area.

So, Go Fast Hawks!!



                Junior Varsity            Team Standings     Varsity
                San Angelo Central  191                      Kerrville Tivy        149
                Fredericksburg      161                      Fredericksburg        129
                Boerne               66                      San Angelo Central    118
                Kerrville Tivy       62                      Canyon Lake Hawks      88
                Canyon Lake Hawks    53                      Llano                  71
                Llano                43                      Boerne                 53
                Geneva School        36                      Geneva School           3

                                       Individual Hawk Scorers
                Kaitlyn Johannessen  21                    Alyssa Strickland        20
                Shelby Palmer        15                    Madison Churbe           16
                Hannah Gallagher      9                    Audrey Schulze           11
                Natalie Castillo      4                    Hailey Overstreet        10
                Adriel Rico           3                    Landry Brown              8
                Ana Claire Cason      1                    Natalie McCoy             7
                                                           Lainee Moses              6
                                                           Jade Lawless              4
                                                           Danielle Carty            3
                                                           Karleigh Schedlbauer      3

                                               Shot Put
           Kaylee Moore        26-03.75   9th              Sara Mefford        28-06.00   10th
           Chelsea Tschoepe    26-00.00  10th
           Madison Harwell     26-00.00  10th

           Kaylee Moore           66-03  14th              Jade Lawless         110-11    4th
           Jayden Balusek         60-03  15th              Sara Mefford          96-09    8th
           Laney Heun             50-10  17th              Adia Garcia           87-02   11th

                                              High Jump
                                                           Landry Brown        4-10.00    2nd
                                                           Madison Churbe      4-08.00    6th

                                              Long Jump
           Kaitlyn Johannessen 14-06.00   1st              Madison Churbe     15-11.25    3rd
           Shelby Palmer       13-08.75   3rd              Audrey Schulze     14-10.00   13th
           Hannah Gallagher    13-08.00   4th              Meagan Vorhis      14-09.75   14th

                                             Triple Jump
                                                           Audrey Schulze     32-03.00    6th
           Natalie McCoy       28-00.00  15th

                                          100 Meter Hurdles
           Shelby Palmer          18.68   3rd              Alyssa Strickland     15.56    1st

                                            100 Meter Dash
           Hannah Gallagher       14.53   6th              Lainee Moses          13.79   10th
           Natalie Castillo       14.82  11th              Danielle Carty        13.97   12th
           Ana Claire Cason       15.22  16th              Jasmine Coble         14.01   15th

                                           400 Meter Dash
                                                           Natalie McCoy         63.46    4th
                                                           Audrey Schulze        65.07    5th
                                                           Meagan Vorhis         89.64   13th

                                         300 Meter Hurdles
            Kailtyn Johannessen   50.28    1st             Alyssa Strickland     49.22    3rd
            Shelby Palmer         54.80    7th

                                          200 Meter Dash
            Jessica Gore          31.06   11th             Audrey Schulze        27.77    3rd
            Savannah Crider       34.13   21st             Hailey Overstreet     27.90    4th

            4x100 Meter Relay     55.64    5th             4x100 Meter Relay     52.96    4th
            Natalie Castillo   Kaitlyn Johannessen         Madison Churbe     Lainee Moses
            Ana Claire Cason   Hannah Gallagher            Audrey Schulze     Hailey Overstreet

            4x200 Meter Relay   2:01.62    3rd             4x200 Meter Relay  1:48.83    2nd
            Shelby Palmer      Natalie Castillo            Madison Churbe     Lainee Moses
            Hannah Gallagher   Adriel Rico Hailey          Hailey Overstreet  Alyssa Stickland

                                                           4x400 Meter Relay  4:25.16    3rd
                                                           Madison Churbe     Danielle Carty
                                                           Natalie McCoy      Karleigh Schedlbauer