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Game Article, Track & Field | April 19, 2019

Hawk’s Track& Field Prepare for Region Meet after Finishing 7th in Area Meet

                                               Will Hillenbrand reaching for new Goals after qualifying for Region Meet.

The Hawks Area Meet has just finished on Monday and will now will have 14 Hawk Athletes ready to take their qualifying event(s) to Region IV Meet in Kingsville on April 26-27th.

Madison Churbe scored 18 Hawk points in Area Meet & Qualified in 3 event for Region.

Madison Churbe stepped up big time and will be busy in 3 events after scoring 18 points against 8 schools in this Area Meet. A first place finish in the open 200 meter dash was a highlight for Churbe while jumping over the 5 foot bar barrier as a personal best.

“The girls did a good job of perservering today and I am proud of their efforts,” Head Girls Coach John Barthels stated. “Seven girls qualified for the area meet competing in 5 different events and 5 of those girls qualified for the regional meet in 4 events.”

Coach Barthels continued. “Madison Churbe continued her strong finish to the season with a PR in high jump at 5’0 placing her 4th. She, along with Lainee Moses, Alyssa Strickland, and Hailey Overstreet we’re dominating the 4×200 relay until a bad handoff in the third exchange cost us some quality time. Alyssa did what she was taught to do and came to a complete stop in the exchange zone, grabbed the baton and hustled her way back to a second place finish and our second fastest time of the season. I am excited as these girls know that if things go smoothly, we have a chance at making a little noise at the regional track meet. Sara Medford continues to get better and increased her school record discus throw to 120’ even and placed second in that event. Churbe then capped off our last event running on this evening into a pretty strong wind by winning the 200 meter dash. We have had our struggles this year, but I so proud of the season that they have had and we have a few days until the regional meet next week to do our best this season.”

For the Boys, Patrick McAuliffe had his PR in the high jump as well in reaching 6 feet and William Hillenbrand reached the 14 foot height in qualifying in the Pole Vault.

             Let’s Go Fast Hawks!!

Caleb Almond ran the 3rd fastest 100 meter dash in CL’s annals but that mark just missed a chance for a Region spot. Almond will be busy with two Relays and The Lake’s three Relays will be represented in the Region Meet.

Nic Rivera has a chance of booking an Austin trip in the 300 meter hurdles and will have a chance as his best time of 39:59 this year has an outside chance of qualifying.

The ReSporter will have all the Region School’s best marks next week and Go Fast-Jump-Throw Far Hawks!!


                               AREA MEET TEAM STANDINGS   
          Boys                                       Ladies
          Liberty Hill        104                    Fredericksburg      124
          Lampasas            101                    Wimberley           107
          Fredericksburg       92                    Taylor               75
          Taylor               63                    Boerne               57
          Wimberley            56                    Salado               56
          Boerne               45                    Burnet               49
          Canyon Lake Hawks    42                    Canyon Lake Hawks    40
          Salado               39                    Llano                38
          Burnet               31                    Liberty Hill         31
          Bandera              18                    Bandera              28
          Llano                17                    Lampasas             15
                                                     Austin Memorial      12

                                Hawk Individual Scorers
          Patrick McAuliffe     8                    Madison Churbe       18
          William Hillenbrand   6                    Sara Mefford          8
          Nic Rivera            6                    Lainee Moses          4
          Chance Martelli       4.5                  Hailey Overstreet     4
          Caleb Almond          4.5                  Alyssa Strickland     4
          Cody Kline            4                    Natalie McCoy         1
          Tristan Chacon        4                    Jade Lawless          1
          Greyson Lee           2.5
          Bryce Vincent         2
          Ryan Rivali           0.5

                          Hawk’s Regional Qualifiers & Events
          Nic Rivera            300 m hurdles    Madison Churbe    high jp, 200 relay-dash
          Patrick McAuliffe     high jump        Sara Mefford      discus
          William Hillenbrand   pole vault       Lainee Moses      200 relay
          Caleb Almond          200 relay        Alyssa Strickland 200 relay
          Tristan Chacon        200 & 400 relay  Hailey Overstreet 200 relay
          Lee Greyson           200 relay
          Cody Kline            200 & 400 relay
          Chance Martelli       400 relay
          Bryce Vincent         400 relay

          Boys                                      Girls
          4x100 Relay         44.06    6th
          Chance Martelli  Caleb Almond
          Ryan Rivali      Greyson Lee

          110 meter hurdles
          Nic Rivera          16.62    8th

          100 meter dash
          Caleb Almond        11.06    5th

                            1:33.07    4th   4x200 Relay                1:48.11    2nd
          Caleb Almond     Tristan Chacon           Madison Churbe     Lainee Moses
          Lee Greyson      Cody Kline               Hailey Overstreet  Alyssa Strickland

                                          400 meter dash
          Chance Martelli      51.15    5th         Natalie McCoy          61.95    6th

          300 meter hurdles
          Nic Rivera           40.79    3rd

                                           200 meter dash
          Cody Kline           24.33    7th         Madison Churbe         27.10    1st

          4x400 Relay        3:31.44    4th 
          Tristan Chacon  Bryce Vincent
          Cody Kline      Chance Martelli
                                                    Sara Mefford          120-00    2nd
                                                    Jade Lawless          106-00    6th

                                          high jump
          Patricke McAuliffe    6-00    2nd         Madison Churbe          5-00    4th

          long jump
          Tristan Chacon    20-00.75    8th

          pole vault
          Will Hillenbrand  14-00.00    3rd