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Coaches Corner, Softball | April 26, 2019

Hayley Galloway and a Softball Coaches Corner

                                                     Coach Galloway wisdom talk after a Hawk Softball Game!


The ReSporter: How do you assess this first year on the job at Canyon Lake?

Coach Galloway: “I know the season did not end the way any of us anticipated when we started back in January. But, despite our record this year, I believe we accomplished some great things as a team. Some of those cannot always be seen in the win and loss column. I am ready to get back to work so we can show people what we are capable of.”

        Way to be a Hero Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Give us your thoughts on Bailey Bryan and what she meant to this group of young ladies?

Coach Galloway: “Bailey Bryan is one of the best kids, both on and off the field, that I have ever met. Canyon Lake Softball has been lucky to have her for the past four years! She set a standard for the way that things should be done in the weight room, on the field, and in the classroom. Having someone like Bailey for the younger girls to look up to is not something that you find everywhere. She is going to be missed next year!”

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts as you look to next year?/ Give us your strengths for this team going into next seasons start.

Coach Galloway: “I’m excited thinking about next year. Even though the season did not go as planned, we did accomplish some great things. I’m excited to keep building on what we have started! The experience of our kids will help us do that. We will return all but one, and I believe that will be our biggest strength next season.”

The ReSporter: Looking at the overall picture, what will be your major area of work for getting this team ready to compete in 2020?

           Way to Go Hawks!!

Coach Galloway: “We are going to work extremely hard this off season on tightening up our defense. One thing we struggled with this year was playing a solid 7 innings out in the field. We always seemed to give up one big inning, and that really hurt us. Limiting the amount of extra at bats we give our opponents will help tremendously!”

The ReSporter: What did you see or notice from this year’s Junior Varsity and what area of strength will the fans see next year from this group?

Coach Galloway: “This year’s JV squad genuinely enjoyed being out at the field and playing the game. It was an awesome to see! Experience will be a strong suit of the JV as well. There were quite a few freshman on this year’s JV. I believe having a year of experience under their belt will give them more confidence in their skill.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and we look forward to next year’s edition!!