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Baseball, Coaches Corner | May 10, 2019

Coaches Corner with Baseball’s Escamilla

 Sophomore Tyler Pauly chosen for Team Texas.       [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

The ReSporter: What was the difference in these past two seasons as CL’s Baseball Coach as you look to jettison into another year of off-season work?

Coach Escamilla: “We spent more time in the weight room during this year than last year.”

Champions of the Marion Tournament: Canyon Lake Hawks!!

The ReSporter: It seemed this year’s team had more weapons with the bats than last year, what did you see offensively and what will be your focus for next season?

Coach Escamilla: “We hit close to 70 points higher as a team this year than last year. We spent a lot of time in the cages and finding ways to get better at the plate. Our focus for next year is to continue to improve our hitting against quality pitching.”

The ReSporter: What do you specifically work on (or hope your players work on) during this time of the year?

Coach Escamilla: “The UIL has made a change on coaches working with their players during the summer. I will be working at CLHS baseball field for two hours a week with any of our players (7-12) that want to get in some work during the summer. We have many of our kids playing in summer leagues which is a cornerstone for a successful program.”

The ReSporter: Your line-up will not change much with just one Senior on this year’s edition, how do you see competition going with many more players working for a spot with the Varsity with all but one returning?

Coach Escamilla: “We go back to all positions are up for grabs! Competition within a team is a key to improving. I think we showed that grade classification means nothing to us coaches. If you are the best, you will play!”

                               Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: The ReSporter has come up with a fielding percentage and this past season had the highest rated defense in Hawk history. How do you work on raising that percentage? (Last year you were at .904 and this season you had a .928)

Coach Escamilla: “We need to get it up to .950. We will get there!”

The ReSporter: Have you had this many players in a bottleneck in trying to make a Varsity team before? If you had what were some of those benefits as a whole?

Coach Escamilla: “I have experienced this situation before. It will make us better! The Hawks should benefit with having up to 6 seniors playing a vital role in the success of our team. Competition breeds success!”

The ReSporter: You have a chance of seeing a team one year older (as in any year), what are some of the items you look for in seeing if the players improved in ways that can help in challenging for a district championship?

Coach Escamilla: “We must hit quality pitching in order for us to be successful!”

The ReSporter: Being strong up the middle of the field is a hallmark for a team defensively, based on the players CL has coming back along with a JV group, give us your thoughts on what you would like to see in that area.

                     Go Hawks!!

Coach Escamilla: “Being strong up the middle is key to having a banner year. We will continue to find ways to improve!”

The ReSporter: Give us your thoughts on the Junior Varsity and some of the strengths and items this group would need to work on as they get ready for another year?

Coach Escamilla: “We should have a record number of kids coming out next year. I see us being more competitive in our JV program.”

The ReSporter: The ReSporter has just heard about Tyler Pauly being picked to play on Team Texas JR Sunbelt Team. Tell us how the players are chosen for this team.

Coach Escamilla: “Sophomore players through out the state are nominated by their coaches. Members from the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association sift through hundreds of nominations. Players are selected to represent Team Texas in a tournament on Oklahoma. Its a 5 day tournament that allows you to compete against other states and countries. It’s a hell’uv an honor! Tyler will represent Team Texas and Canyon Lake well!”

The ReSporter: That is some good Summer work, what do you know about the Under 16 and Under 14 teams that are forming and what does playing in these games help in the overall program and what are the strengths that can be realized?

               Way to Go Hawks!!

Coach Escamilla: “Our summer teams are still forming (14U and 16U). We want to place any of our kids a place to play if they choose to play and get better this summer! As I said earlier, a strong summer program is a cornerstone to any successful program!
Thank you for covering our kids! We are anxious to get started on year 3!”

The ReSporter: No problem, looking forward to your next season to see how high this group can Go Hawks!!