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Game Article, Volleyball | August 11, 2019

Hawks Break Even in Tex-Fest Tourney with 3-3 Record

                               Megan Vorhis and Riley Shear go for a block in match with Melissa Cardinals.


Canyon Lake finished their Tex-Fest Tournament dead even (3-3) after starting their Saturday with a win over Glen Rose which was followed with losses to Lockhart, 2-0 and Melissa, 2-0.

Cassidy Felps and Taylor Filinger after win over Glen Rose!!

The Hawks will be in action on Tuesday with a home date against Lockhart and hopefully a reversal of that previous loss to these Lions.

In that win over Glen Rose, The Lake, forged up to a 6 point lead, 15-9 before a rally by The Rose that tied the game with 19 points a piece.

Glen Rose led 22-21 before CL would get what was needed in a close, 25-23 win.

Taylor Filinger was able to get a total of 9 points off her service in her two games that helped your Hawks to take that first set in this Gold Consolation Bracket.

“That group of people that are on the court when I serve just help by keeping the ball in play with blocks and getting points,” Filinger recounted on her success while serving. Filinger was part of an 8 point service that catapulted Canyon Lake from a deficit of 4 points, 3-7 to a lead of 4 points, 11-7.

Megan Vorhis led CL with 7 kills in helping put away Glen Rose while Cassidy Felps finished with a game high 15 assists.

“I have grown as a person,” Felps thought back. “We are still working on our speed up offense and we need to be ready….also we need to be strong and that was getting better, but we still have a lot to work on.”

Filinger continued while comparing the Hawks only loss on that first day with Peaster and how well the Hawks responded and were able to come back in this Glen Rose game and reaching their opponent in a comeback and finally taking this rally to a victory.

                    Go Hawks!!

“Peaster is a good team,” Filinger remembered. “We just did not have enough to get that win…but in the Glen Rose game we were scrambling more and pin-pointing our shots where they had weaknesses.”

Canyon Lake was not as fortunate in those last two matches as Lockhart and Melissa were able to sweep their way to wins.

“In that Lockhart game, they just flat out out hustled us,” Head Coach Kim Clemons said. “It is still early and we need to try things and give kids opportunities and if they are not executing then, we will be, in practices.”

Coach Clemons was not finished, “In that last match loss with Lockhart  just carried over to our Melissa game….we could have done a better job.”

“We will need to be focused this next Tuesday because it will be a pay-back Tuesday as we will have Lockhart again,” Coach Clemons concluded.

Canyon Lake is still a young team with 3 Sophomores on the court on several occasions during this Tex-Fest Tournament and hopefully a bonding will get this group of ladies ready to compete at a higher level as this season continues, Go Hawks!!


Canyon Lake Leaders:
Hawks vs. Glen Rose: 25-23 and 25-20
Kills:   Megan Vorhis       7
Assists: Cassidy Felps     15
Digs:    Lainee Moses       9
Aces:    Cassidy Felps      1
         Kayla Wunderlich   1
         Kaylee Moore       1
         Kylie Morgan       1
         Taylor Filinger    1
Blocks:  Taylor Filinger    1
         Kayla Wunderlich   1

Hawks vs. Lockhart: 23-25 and 18-25
Kills:   Megan Vorhis       6
Assists: Cassidy Felps     11
Digs:    Lainee Moses      10
Aces:    Kayla Wunderlich   2
         Taylor Filinger    2
Blocks:  Megan Vorhis       1

Hawks vs. Melissa: 17-25 and 16-25
Kills:   Caroline Kullberg  3
         Megan Vorhis       3
Assists: Cassidy Felps      8
Digs:    Lainee Moses       9
Blocks:  Megan Vorhis       3