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Football | October 10, 2019

Advertiser’s Pick’em Contest

Canyon Lake High School Quarterback Peyton McMullen (#12) keeps the ball, falling just short of the end zone.  rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]


                        Berkshire  Capital    Signature  GoodLife   Gordon    Bunk RV
                        Realtors   FarmCredit Homes      Rx/UPS     Plumber   Haus
                        65-22      63-24      60-27      53-34      52-35     49-38

CL Hawks/Taylor         CL Hawks   CL Hawks   CL Hawks   CL Hawks   CLHawks   CLHawks
Billies/LibertyHill     Lib Hill   Lib Hill   Lib Hill   Billies    Lib Hill  Billies
Burnet/Lampasas         Lampasas   Lampasas   Lampasas   Burnet     Burnet    Burnet
Texas/Okiehoma          Texas      Okie       Texas      Texas      Okie      Texas
Iowa St/WVU             Iowa St    Iowa St    WVU        WVU        WVU       Iowa St
Texas Tech/Baylor       Baylor     Baylor     Baylor     Tech       Tech      Baylor
Bama/Texas A&M          Bama       Bama       Bama       A&M        Bama      A&M
OleMiss/Missou          Mizzou     Mizzou     Mizzou     Ole Miss   Ole Miss  Ole Miss
MsState/Vols            Miss St    Miss St    Miss St    Miss St    Miss St   Vols
Arkie/Kentucky          Kentucky   Kentucky   Kentucky   Kentucky   Arkie     Kentucky
FL State/Clemson        Clemson    Clemson    Clemson    FL State   Clemson   FL State
USC/Notre Dame          NDame      NDame      NDame      NDame      NDame     USC

Capital Farm Credit is all in For The Hawks!!

             Way to Go Hawks!!

               Way to Go Hawks!!