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Football, Game Article | November 1, 2019

Football: CL Freshman Dominate Badgers, 60-0

              CL Freshman running down hill all night long in win over Lampasas, 60-0.


Canyon Lake’s Freshman continued their total dominance this season with another game where opposing parents were hoping a running clock would help in getting home earlier, in this Hawk win, 60-0.

             Way to Go Hawks!!

Lampasas’ first half had their longest play as the result of an off-side penalty against The Lake, showing how their puissance was all encompassing. Another win over Liberty Hill next week will have this group of players with their 3rd District Championship in a row.

The Hawks started this contest with a 3 play drive that covered 89 yards, there were 3 explosive plays having 2 by the run and a pass that scored when the Anderson Twins passed and ran for 43 yards, 8-0.

Shayne Moss would have his first of two fumble recoveries on kick-offs, that helped in giving Canyon Lake three consecutive series of downs and separate from the visitors quickly.

Hunter Anderson called his own number for a 3 yard run after this series of downs that had another pass that went to Ty Sellers for 38 yards and setting CL up inside the 10 yard line and eventual score, 16-0.

Moss would get his 2nd recovery after the next kick-off and Canyon Lake would only need one play by Moss covering 37 yards and what would be 22 point spree taking a whopping 2 1/2 minutes of clock and a, 22-0 score.

CL would have the ball again in 3 plays after a Hunter Anderson interception that closed out the 1st quarter.

Two more explosive plays by Tyler Balderas 19 yard run and a Hayden Baker 16 yard catch and run for the score, 30-0 to start the 2nd quarter.

Things continued when Moss returned the start of the 2nd half kick-off 65 yards that gave this player more kudos for a decent day at the office.

1) Two recoveries when CL had on-side kicks.
2) *6 carries totaling 121 yards.
3) Helping with several tackles after playing linebacker.

*That 46 yard touchdown run happened after CL’s offensive line opened a hole for Moss to put a move on a Badger defensive player being so taken by the fake, that he left his shoes (figure of speech) on the turf as Moss would run unhindered to the goal line.

Shayne Moss & Andrew Miller are all smiles after taking care of the Badgers!

“We have progressed and I thrive on this weather….I love the cold it energizes me and pushes me,” Moss said on a rolling stone. “We want to beat teams and knock the crap out of them.”

On how this team will go into their last game next week, “We want to make it three district championships!”

Andrew Miller was one of those offensive lineman that was opening those gaps in the line and what he thinks when his block allows a runner to score, “All I see is the runner running down the field…and I say, I helped make that block!

On what has motivated this team in annihilating their opponents, “That loss to Weiss, I’m thinking we should have won that game and it pains me thinking about it.”

This Freshman team has had one tie in the 8th Grade and a loss to Weiss this year that had CL dominating everything but the special teams in that loss.”

In this game, The Lake, had 14 of their 22 plays covering 12 yards or more showing just how their superiority would be shown throughout this bludgeoning.

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

Defense was just as paramountcy in keeping the Badgers scoreless after keeping Lampasas from scoring when they did not allow a TD after their best drive of the game late in that 4th quarter.

On this 9 play drive, the Badgers, had 8 of those snaps without a play going over 5 yards, but that 1 explosive play did accomplish a feat in going 56 yards and had the Visitors with a 1st down on the Hawk’s 6 yard line and knocking on the door.

That whopper 56 yarder was the 3rd of 9 plays and those last 6 showed just how prepotency this group of Hawks can be when their back is against the goal line.

Last 7 plays (not counting penalties):

1. Badger Run for 4 yards to Hawk’s 2 yard line.
2. Badger run for -4 yards to Hawk’s 6 yard line.
3. Offsides on Hawks moving ball back to the 3 yard line.
4. Hawks sack Badger QB for 10 yard loss with ball on 13 yard line.
5. Interception run back for a Touchdown, but a pass interference call gave Badger’s 1st down on 2 yard line.
6. Badger run for -2 yards, ball on 4 yard line.
7. Badger run for -1 yard, ball on 5 yard line.
8. Badger pass is incomplete
9. Badger pass is incomplete and Hawks take over with Lampasas still without a score.

Canyon Lake would run out the clock ending this game in showing their supremacy and ascendancy as they will now have Liberty Hill Panthers on their schedule next week for a chance in acheiving another district championship which will show a preponderance of dominance. And have opponents genuflecting at their feet.

Way to Go Hawks!!


                    1  2  3  4   Final
Lampasas Freshman   0  0  0  0   00
CL Hawks Freshman  22 24 14  0   60
Scoring Summary:
CL-Chase Anderson 43 yard pass from Hunter Anderson (Ty Sellers run), 3:38, 1st
CL-Hunter Anderson 3 yard run (Cole Cason pass from Hunter Anderson), 1:49, 1st
CL-Shayne Moss 37 yard run (pass failed), 1:32, 1st
CL-Hayden Baker 16 yard pass from Hunter Anderson (Cole Cason run), 8:54, 2nd
CL-Shayne Moss 46 yard run (Cole Cason run), 6:39, 2nd
CL-River Hand 42 yard run (Tyler Balderas run), 3:45, 2nd
CL-Shayne Moss 65 yard kick-off return (run failed), 8:32, 3rd
CL-River Hand 12 yard run (Hunter Anderson run), 2:00, 3rd

Team Stats          Badgers     Hawks
Total Yards         107         421
First Downs         5           14
Rush/Yards          24/86       19/324
Comp/Att/Int        5/14/1      3/3/0
Passing Yards       21          97
Punts/Average       3/31.0      0/0
Fumbles/Lost        1/1         0/0
Penalties-Yards     1-3         4/18

Passing             Comp  Att    Pct   Yds  Int  TD
Hunter Anderson     3     3    1.000   97   0    2

Rushing             Att  Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
Shayne Moss         6    121   20.6   46   2
Cole Cason          2     65   32.5   35   0
River Hand          2     54   27.0   42   2
Tyler Balderas      2     36   18.0   19   0
Ty Sellers          3     30   10.0   16   0
Ethan Schedlbauer   3     15    5.0    7   0
Hunter Anderson     1      3    3.0    3   1
Totals             19    324   17.1   46   5

Receiving           No   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
Chase Anderson      1    43    43.0   43   1
Ty Sellers          1    38    38.0   38   0
Hayden Baker        1    16    16.0   16   1
Totals              3    97    32.3   43   2