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Boys Soccer, Track & Field | January 17, 2020


            Marisa Ellis #1 in State High Jump Competition!!

TOP 10 ALL-DECADE TEAM is down to 1

            Way to Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter had fun going back in time to give the Hawk Nation an idea of what would be those final sports or events these past 10 years.

Before talking bout that last team The ReSporter remembers an event that should be mentioned, not as a team, but as a milestone for a height that has not been matched.

Marisa Ellis would accomplish a feat that stands alone for individual Hawk Athletes these past 10 years.

Winning a State Championship in the High Jump came totally out of the blue. This young lady had qualified for the State Meet in two events and her, bread and butter, event would reside with the Triple Jump Event that had her in the top echelon since her arrival to the hill-country.

Marisa had qualified for State competition with the 7th best height compared to the other 8 athletes that would be entered. So, to think she would be able to place in the top 6 would be a chance….but to make it to No. 1 would have been wishful thinking.

There was another competitor that had reached 6 inches higher than Marisa’s best effort up to that date.

The event started with Marisa being able to clear each rung on the bar on her first try. The athlete that had the best jump coming into this event had decided to pass on those lower beginning height barriers.

With a miss on her first try would put Marisa in the driver’s seat if the two happened to not pass the same height, ending the competition.

                          Go Hawks!!

The person with the least amount of misses would declared the winner.

The ReSporter was not at this event but was being given updates by her Mom and after a few minutes of no communication….the thought on this end was a miss and wondering if Marisa had finished in the top 3.

Well….that delay in communication would be a Mom/Family going crazy before being at a place where the result would be shared with The ReSporter.

That feeling of joy was indescribable for this Senior who had not only been a Trackster but also competing Volleyball and Basketball for Canyon Lake.

Well deserved and certainly a place on the Top 10 List for The Lake.

Here is the Link if you would like to read the write-up Marisa Ellis: Marisa Ellis Highest Jump


                                                                         A Great Win for CL’s All-Time Best Teams!!


BOY’S SOCCER REGIONAL TOURNAMENT will be The ReSporter’s #1 team event this past decade.

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!

Soccer is not one of The ReSporter’s strong suits but this past season (2019) Canyon Lake was able to make a soccer fan out of this sports writer after an eventual trip that would end with a Final Four berth.

There was at least 4 games that could have easily made the Top 10, so The ReSporter had fun going back to last year’s articles to give the top game to their first round contest with Gonzales when the Hawks scored the winning goal as the clock showed 0:00 on the clock.

Canyon Lake finished 2nd in District play and seemed to finally starting to peak in their last contest during district play in a win over Fredericksburg. This win was totally dominated by The Lake which had the Billies in disarray and with their eyes counting the bugs on the turf as they exited the field.

Head Coach Ryan Tierney remembered the Gonzales game thusly, “Not sure what I should focus on about that

                  Hawk Proud!!

game.  Remember being down 1-0 at halftime and the guys just exhausted, but it was a running theme for that season to be down at halftime.  We talked about how we have been in that situation a number of times and that we had to continue to be a tough second half team.  The greatest memories I have for that game was Jorge De Leon’s break away down the right wing.  He put the ball back into his left and from way out he put it top left corner with his left foot to tie the game.  Momentum had shifted at that point.  Then the miraculous goal with 3 seconds left and time running out to win the game.  Butler had cleared the ball down the right wing and Trenton Lorett pressured the ball enough to force a corner with 15 seconds on the clock.  Our entire team was running forward for a last ditch effort.  I didn’t think Lorett was going to get the corner kick off at first.  I was yelling at the top of my lungs to send it in.  He got it off and Josh Sczech got onto it back post to put the ball in the net for the win.  I wasn’t sure if the goal counted at first because time had expired.  But once the referee pointing to the middle of the field I knew and we all stormed the field.  I would like to say this was the craziest game I had ever been apart of, but we were a part of a couple crazy games that season.”

Coach Tierney mentioned how CL had advanced to being one of the Final Four participants in Georgetown.

Playoff Recap:

First Round: Canyon Lake 3 Lampasas 2
This was a come from behind win for the Hawks.

Second Round: Canyon Lake 3 Bellville 1
This would be the one game where CL led from the beginning. But it did have some anxious moments. As this would be the contest Shawn Bell would be inserted at the goalie after spending his regular season on the Hawks’ Junior Varsity.

Third Round: Canyon Lake 5 Austin Eastside Memorial 3
This was an incredible win for CL, after fighting from behind the whole contest and winning after two Overtimes and then shoot-out for a chance in going to the Valley for the 2nd time in 3 years.

Fourth Round: Canyon Lake 2 Gonzales 1
This is the game you are reading about now.

Fifth Round: Canyon Lake 1 Progreso 0
Very easily could have been put with the AEM/Gonzales games.

A sport that was the last to make the playoffs that ended with the best results in Hawk History in the playoffs as Canyon Lake had their best crowd ever make the trip to Georgetown.

Go to this Link to read about The All-Time Hawk Sporting Event: Hawks Top Decade Game

Now it is time to make memories for the next 10 years!!

Congrats and GO HAWKS!!!!