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Boys Basketball, Game Article | February 5, 2020

Boys Basketball: Hawks Upset by Bandera, 55-52

                                                           Rico Griffin led CL with 17 points in loss to Bandera.


CL Hawks were upset by Bandera who starting their opening period sinking 6 shots beyond the arc that helped get enough separation to last the whole game and win, 55-52.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

This loss will not go well for The Lake as this was an expected win based on that convincing, 64-37 victory on the road to start district play.

“We were very overconfident going into the game,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said. “Our mental approach was not good. We talked about being ready to go for two days, but unfortunately, we didn’t take it to heart.”

Bandera has now forced their way into a place at the district play-off table with this win and with more surprises replace CL for that 4th spot.

“They were essentially playing for their season and we just came out like we were going to roll the ball out and win,” Coach Chapman continued. “All in all, it was a bad loss. We played better down the stretch, but just dug ourselves too big of a hole. Gotta bounce back and let it fly against Boerne. Still a lot to play for.”

Canyon Lake made a run in the second half but the climb took too much energy as they missed the mountain top and rim for the win to close the game out.

                   Let’s Go Hawks!!

Patrick McAuliffe shot 60% from beyond the arc helping the Hawks with a chance in that last quarter but costly turnovers and some missed point blank shots added up to this disappointing loss.

Cutting to the chase on what needs to happen next for CL after their 3rd set-back in a row, in all simplicity, getting as many wins to finish out the next 4 battles, but two tough games in Boerne and Fredericksburg still to play will force the Hawks to win a Llano/Wimberley contest would be needed.

Boerne will be next up on Friday on the road and then an undefeated Billie team that humiliated your Hawks after an anemic 11 point offensive outing and 55 point loss.

                 Let’s Go Hawks!!

If Canyon Lake can beat Llano and Bandera is not able to upset another school would have the Hawks and Bulldogs with a play in game. A Lake win over Llano and Wimberley could possibly give the Hawks a 4th place finish.

If Bandera beats Wimberley on Friday, then there are several scenarios that would have to play out…..but that first way of punching your Post-Season Ticket would be win as many games as possible and see where you are when the dust settles.

Two home games left as this season has glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel….now just hope that light is not a train.

Go Hawks!!


           1  2  3  4   Final
Bandera   20  8 11 16   55
CL Hawks  10  7 17 18   52

                             3pt           tot rebounds
                   fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Rico Griffin         6-12    0-2     5-6   17   4-3   7  2  2  0  3
Patrick McAuliffe    3-7     3-5     4-4   13   1-6   7  0  1  0  1
Trent MacRoberts     2-7     0-1     0-1    4   2-2   4  0  3  1  3
Tyler Pauly          2-6     0-0     2-3    6   1-2   3  4  2  0  5
Ben Rowe             0-7     0-4     2-3    2   1-0   1  1  0  0  1
Peyton McMullen      0-1     0-1     1-2    1   0-2   2  0  0  0  0
Nic Rivera           2-5     2-4     1-2    7   0-1   1  1  3  0  2
Tuff Cantu           0-0     0-0     0-0    0   0-0   0  0  0  0  0
Rylee Spaulding      1-6     0-0     0-0    2   2-1   3  0  0  0  3
Totals              16-51    5-17   15-21  52  11-17 28  8 11  1 18
Percentages          31%     29%     71%