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Girls Basketball | March 31, 2020

CL Ladies’ Basketball Salute to Seniors and All-District Awards

                                                     Marley Carrizales was voted on the 1st Team All-District Squad.


Canyon Lake’s Ladies Basketball had three players picked for District 28-4A All-District Honors.

Senior Marley Carrizales was picked for 1st Team with Chelsea Tschoepe and Jessie Melendez getting on the 2nd Team roster.

Carrizales led CL in scoring and steals this season while also finishing 2nd on the All-Time list in the steal department.

Tschoepe and Melendez were 4 year starters and had a boat load of stats and finishing at the top in several categories.


                        Where The Seniors finished on the All-Time Lists:

    Total Points:       Chelsea Tschoepe    873    2nd
                        Jessie Melendez     593    4th
                        Marley Carrizales   587    5th
                        Lainee Moses        507    8th
                        Sophia Barber       440   11th

    Blocks:             Jessie Melendez      78    3rd
                        Chelsea Tschoepe     32   10th

    Rebounds:           Jessie Melendez     854    1st
                        Chelsea Tschoepe    617    2nd
                        Marley Carrizales   282   10th

    Assists:            Lainee Moses        235    1st
                        Marley Carrizales   193    2nd
                        Chelsea Tschoepe    159    3rd
                        Jessie Melendez      92    7th

    Made Free Throws:   Chelsea Tschoepe    155    3rd
                        Marley Carrizales   116    8th
                        Lainee Moses        115    9th

    3 Point Goals:      Chelsea Tschoepe    133    1st  Tied with Reagan Heun
                        Sophia Barber       103    3rd
                        Marley Carrizales    41    6th
                        Lainee Moses         17   11th

    Steals:             Marley Carrizales   264    2nd
                        Lainee Moses        261    3rd
                        Chelsea Tschoepe    249    4th
                        Jessie Melendez     101   10th

This Senior Class finished this year with a 22-12 record and leave the Hawk Nest with a Canyon Lake All-Time Winning record that is 2nd only to CL’s Volleyball squad.

The Hawks were loaded with Seniors this year and Head Coach Zach Burleson shared his thoughts on these Senior Players.

Coach Zach Burleson’s Senior Acknowledgments.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

Lainee Moses:
Lainee has alwaus been a leader for us.  She was instrumental in everything we did.  We will definitley miss her leadership and hustle. Couple of quick notes on her:  She is a school record holder in volleyball(most digs) and basketball(career and season assists), that’s pretty rare.  She was also our female athlete of the year last year and has been nominated for the tabc all-state academic team.  Lainee always was one of our more vocal leaders and was the one that was responsible for getting the team together.

Marley Carrizales:
Marley always helped set the tone with her hustle on defense.  This year around the Christmas break, she began to become aggressive on the offensive end and wound up leading us in scoring.  She is another dual-sport athlete that was always a great softball player and will be missed there as well.  Along with Lainee, she helped wreck havoc at the top of the zone.  We asked an awful lot out of those two and they responded. Marley was the type of leader who tried to instill some entusiasm at practices and get the team going.

Chelsea Tschoepe:
Chelsea had another fine year and it just seems like yesterday that she was a freshman on the varsity.  She was always solid in scoring, passing and rebounding.  We will miss her and all the experience she had.  We could put her anywhere and she knew what needed to be done. Every team we played would always call out,”shooter” when she caught the ball.  And they were right.  She is an all-time leader in career 3 pt makes. Chelsea was always looked to for leadership on where and what everyone needed to be doing.  Another “coach” on the court that every team needs.

Jessie Melendez:
Jesse, like Chelsea, was on varsity for 4 years.  She leaves us as the school’s  all-time rebounder.  Defensivley, she was always our anchor and always knew where to be and what not to give up.  She never gave up the baseline and that’s pretty rare in girl’s basketball.  We will miss her experience and tenacity.  When we needed it, she grabbed 15+ rebounds vs. Llano to get us in.  Came up huge.  Jesse could change the complexion of the game and filled that role nicely.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

Sophia Barber:
If Sophia got hot, watch out.  She broke the season 3pt record this year.  And when she was on, the points came in bunches.  We will miss that, her being a threat from outside.  Like Chelsea, “shooter” was yelled a lot by the opposing teams.  She improved her rebounding as well this year and helped round out her game.  We will always remember her little one-liners too.

Madison Harwell:
Maddie always gave us a great effort on both ends.  I’m proud of how hard she worked juggling her schedule as a state champion cheerleader as well.  She also has been nominated for the tabc academic all-state team.  Maddie gave us a good defensive presence and always fought hard for every rebound.  She always was in a good mood and cheerful, which we needed most of the time.

Angelina Rodriguez:
Angie came back to us last year and I’m glad she did.  She really improved and always gave us a great effort.  She was not afraid to mix it up and we needed that as a team.  Angie always worked hard for loose balls and rebounds.  She stuck with it and made great improvements and I’m really proud of how far she came.  We will miss her work effort and personality.