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Track & Field | March 12, 2020

Hawk’s Boys Track Continues to Improve after Kerrville’s Tivy Relays

                            [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake’s Boys Track had another profitable day in the improvement department after competing in a tough Kerrville Tivy Relays last week as this Meet had some tough competition in the field.

“Tivy was a very competitive meet,” Head Boys Track Coach Troy Moses recapped. “All I look at is are we continuing to improve and that’s what we keep doing each week. We improved our times and I like the way our kids competed. We continue to do well in the field events so that gives me hope that we will be in the hunt for another district championship.”

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

So, the below marks might not have scored points for CL but as a whole it shows the Hawks Athletes readying themselves for a decent district meet that will be here next month.

Nic Rivera finished first with his two hurdle runs and that will give this Senior a chance to go further when the season moves to the Area and Regional Meets.

Cody Kline’s 23.67 and Ryan Rivali’s 23.68 in the 200 meter dash came in 10th and 11th in this meet but these two Hawk’s result has them ranked 3rd and 4th compared to District 28-4A participants thus far.

Canyon Lake was able to improve their time in all three relay events while the Field Events were improved across the board from good results with Will Hillenbrand and Coby Mickey with the Pole Vault to seeing Connor Windham continue to keep upping his personal record as a common occurrence.

Those distance events which has not been a strength for the Hawks is now starting to make some better times from the 800 meter, 1600 meter and 3200 meter runs.

Canyon Lake will be back in action next week when they travel to Randolph’s RoHawk Relays on Thursday March 19th.

Way to G0===Go==Hawks!



       VARSITY                               JUNIOR VARSITY
       100 meter                             100 meter
       Shane Moss          11.17   12th      Helijah Johnson       11.70    7th
       Stephen Sharp       11.42   13th      Edward Santos         11.89   10th
       Derek Wiatrek       11.88   17th      Reid Simpson          12.16   18th
                                             Tanner Davis          12.19   20th
       200 meter                             Brock Coburn          12.37   24th
       Cody Kline          23.67   10th      Wyatt Windham         13.16   30th
       Ryan Rivali         23.68   11th
       Derek Wiatrek       24.58   14th      200 meter
                                             Cayden Iles           25.24   13th
       400 meter                             Reid Simpson          25.70   21st
       Patrick McAuliffe   58.28    9th      Dominick Vaillant     25.76   23rd
                                             Brock Coburn          26.47   30th
       800 meter                             Cameron Valigura      27.23   34th
       Seth Titzman      2:05.50    8th
                                             400 meter
       1600 meter run                        Marshall McConnell     57.34  11th
       Colin Baker       5:02.38    5th      Joshue Sarmiento       57.75  13th
                                             Chevy Standiferd       59.10  17th
       3200 meter run                        Talon Stromquist       62.55  25th
       Colin Baker      11:06.04    3rd      Glenn Wells            64.62  30th

       110 meter hurdles                     1600 meter run
       Nic Rivera          15.30    1st      Kane Reves           5:06.44   5th

       300 meter hurdles                     3200 meter run
       Nic Rivera          40.96    1st      Kane Reyes          11.27.23   2nd
                                             Caleb Price         11:59.30   3rd
       4x100 relay         44.17    4th      Brian Clark         12:16.39   4th
       Shayne Moss         Bryce Vincent
       Ryan Rivali         Nic Rivera        110 meter hurdles
                                             Cole Cason             19.34  11th
       4x200 relay       1:33.78    3rd      River Hand             19.94  12th
       Shayne Moss         Jess Horner       Tyler Balderas         20.10  13th
       Ryan Rivali         Cody Kline
                                             300 meter hurdles
       4x400 relay       3:35.30    4th      Tyler Balderas         45.67   5th
       Seth Titzman        Cody Kline        Cole Cason             46.97   7th
       Jesse Horner        Bryce Vincent     River Hand             48.19  10th

       high jump                             4x100 relay            46.92   3rd
       Cody Kline        5-10.00    4th      Tyler Balderas        Helijah Johnson
       Patrick McAuliffe 5-10.00    6th      Edward Santos         Connor Windham

       pole vault                            4x200 relay          1:39.78   4th
       William Hillenbrand 13-03.00 2nd      Cameron Valigura      Helijah Johnson
                                             Dominick Vaillant     Gunnar Walker
       long jump
       Troy Eyster     18-06.50     9th      4x400 relay          3:52.74   6th
       Shayne Moss     17-00.50    12th      Gunnar Walker         Connor Windham
                                             Edward Santos         Cayden Iles
       triple jump
       Troy Eyster     39-06.25     3rd      high jump
       Shayne Moss     37-04.50     4th      Chevy Standiferd     5-08.00   1st
                                             Marshall McConnell   5-08.00   2nd
       shot put
       Connor Windham  43-01.00     2nd      pole vault
       Hudson Duke     42-07.50     3rd      Coby Mickey         12-06.00   1st
       Eric Teutsch    39-07.00     8th
                                             long jump
       discus                                River Hand          16-07.00   5th
       Connor Windham 121-04.00     3rd      Austin Alvarez      14-08.50  10th
       Hudson Duke    112-01.00     7th
       Ben Crisp      110-02.00     8th      triple jump
                                             Chevy Standiferd    33-10.50   6th

                                             shot put
                                             Helijah Johnson     39-06.50   1st
                                             Shawn Pendleton     35-00.00   8th

                                             Shawn Pendleton       108-10   3rd
                                             Helijah Johnson        93-11  11th
                                             James Ensign           88-03  13th
                                             Brett Harwell          86-02  16th