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Football | July 18, 2020

Best Defensive & Offensive Football Players (not Dual Athletes)

      Josh DeVries running after another Blocking Clinic by the Offensive Line.

One more set of 3 Dual Sport Hawks before that last player, The ReSporter, has pegged as the best so far with this relatively new school. Below are the best two Football (defense/offense) athletes that did not finish in the top dual sports.

                    Bobby Flint

Do realize that there were countless athletes that had more than one sport since many coaches will encourage athletes to compete in Track & Field if they are not a bona-fide baseball or minor sport enthusiast.

Bobby Flint on the defensive side and Josh DeVries represents the offense while playing for the Hawks.

First Flint who did excel in Track & Field but it was football that has this young man still holding a sizable lead for All-Time Tackles during his 3 year career.


                               All-Time Top 5 
          Tackles           #  Last Yr       Best Season     Tackles   Year
       1. Bobby Flint     435    2011     1. Bobby Flint      175      2010
       2. Haden Lee       285    2015     2. Haden Lee        149      2015
       3. Greyson Lee     245    2018     3. Bobby Flint      146      2009
       4. Jeremy Best     181    2011     4. Jeremy Best      140      2014
       5. Austin Acosta   176    2014     5. Haden Lee        129      2014

Flint was a starter with a 3 year career as middle linebacker and finished 9th in tackles for loss with 18 and caused 4 fumbles ranking 6th.

Head Coach Charley Drum was the defensive coordinator during Flint’s days and commented, “Bobby was instinctive, attentive, and coachable…he was the best going sideline to sideline and gave you a relentless effort.”

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Drum continued, “He had long arms and great leverage and a solid tackler, they (opposing players) might out run him but once he got his hands on you it was over.”

For offense, The ReSporter tagged Josh DeVries as the best Hawk Football player on the offensive side that concentrated on one sport.

Coach Drum recounted his remembrance of DeVries, “He was a decent junior but he came out of his shell…..he was self made.”

DeVries was not setting the field on fire while moving through his middle school years after reaching the ‘B’ squad for both Mountain Valley seasons.

“He did not play much as a freshman but he brought it in the weight room and Mother Nature helped,” Coach Drum continued, “He was not the most talented player but he had great determination.”

Josh DeVries showing off his next adventure after signing with TLU!

Working out and focusing like a laser on football had DeVries (2104 yds) finishing his career as the 3rd best running back in yardage behind Tanner Faris (3058) and Zach Henshaw (4324).

DeVries has the 2nd best rushing for a season reaching 1389 yards in 2014 and ended his playing days with the 10th best game in CL history with 213 yards in the Area Final against Rockport-Fulton in an overtime loss.

DeVries scored 17 times that same year trailing only Henshaw’s 25 TD’s for a season.

A good receiver was an added bonus in finishing 10th on the All-Time Receiver list in yardage with 484 yards with 29 catches.

Congrats and Go Hawks!!