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Game Article, Tennis | September 2, 2020

Tennis: CL Hawks Lose to Davenport, 10-7

Cecilia LaLonde and Kyliegh Miller meet up in their first doubles match.

Canyon Lake (1-1) Tennis’ team fell to Davenport this past Tuesday, 10-7.

There were a lot of moving parts for the Hawks as the No. 1 Girl’s player (Haley Gallagher) was out with an injury which caused a domino effect with each player being moved up a spot against Davenport’s higher seeded girl player.

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Four of the boys/girls matches went to tiebreakers and Davenport was able to win 3 of those matches.

“We are deeper, especially on the boys side,” Head Coach Colby Mickey stated. “We are competitive from 1-6 spots in boys. Travis Parma and Tanner Adams were both, 2-0 today as sophomores. Zach Elson lost a long 3 set tie breaker in singles but played very well, fought hard, but lost a close one.”

The ladies were not at full strength, “We were 2 girls short today, including our #1 girl out with an injury, so all my girls had to play 1 position up in singles which worked against us from a match up standpoint.”

Coach Colby continued, “Senior Gabriel Lara played a great singles match and won in straight sets. His serve is much improved vs. last year and overall consistency of shot making has improved.”

So how does this year compare to last year’s team? Apparently there is many more matches that have CL getting into a match with a chance to pull off a win compared to those many tiebreakers that were lost in this battle.

Coach Mickey finished, “Colby Jackson, our #1 boys, won in a 3 set tie breaker. After struggling getting his serve going in doubles, he picked his game and confidence up in singles and fought hard for a win against the Davenport’s top boy player.”

                       Go Hawks!!

Those moving parts, on the girls side, was very prominent when Gallagher could not get into action.

That was magnified when Kyleigh Miller was called into action after informing Coach Mickey she wanted to play on this year’s tennis team earlier in the day. Miller had moved to the area bout 3 weeks ago and played tennis for A&M Consolidated and will be a Junior player for the Hawks.

That resulted in Miller playing doubles with Cecilia LaLonde as these two athletes had only seen each other at school.

“I had been playing my first two years at A&M Consolidated and so I had just asked to change my class schedule so I could play tennis,” Miller said. “I knew this would be a good way to meet new people. Coach texted me and said he wanted me to play and I was excited and had an awesome nervousness.”

“I thought I would not be playing doubles today,” LaLonde said in response to knowing her partner would not be able to participate.

Zachary Elson & Travis Parma take a breather waiting for their next match.

On what type of communication the girls had before preparing for the match, LaLonde said matter of factly, “We talked about boys….but I was nervous during the warm-ups when I saw they had a player that was very good.”

That Davenport player had not lost a match all year and was on the top of her game.

Miller chimed, “I got very nervous when I saw her serve. But I felt bad because I lost my first game as a Hawk.”

This newly minted CL double’s team did win one of the sets in this match which will be something to build on for future contests.

“The game was 40 all and I just hit it where they could not get it and we won the game and I was glad we got that win especially in doubles,” Miller quipped.

“We had a good volley on that winning score and I was just able to split the girls,” LaLonde closed. “We just have to keep working on our skills and get better as I was playing a bit wonky (The ReSporter surmised wonky meant not being on top of her game) but hopefully we can get some more wins.”

A couple of the Boys players were also able to give their thoughts on their game on this hot day of action.

“I was playing down to their level,” Zachary Elson stated. “I had too many missed serves and should have adjusted earlier on my serves. I was just getting enough of them (serves) in. I think I have improved from last year and we just need to compete more against better teams.”

Travis Parma commented after his first doubles win, “We played pretty good and I was able to adjust on my serves and Tanner (Adams) was just awesome on the back line.”

On what Parma wants as the season continues, “Improve and compete against Fred (Fredericksburg)…Tennis is fun and it helps me keep in shape for baseball and we will just have to help in getting good team chemistry.”

There was some great strides made against Davenport and now CL’s Varsity Tennis team will be back in action when they travel the Backbone for a match against Wimberley next Tuesday, September 8th with the first serve commencing at 4pm.

September 15th will be the next home contest when the Bandera Bulldogs come to the Hawk Nest.


              Girls Singles:
              Ella Moore       Davenport won   2-6, 2-6
              Cecilia LaLonde  Davenport won   3-6, 3-6
              Isabella Smith   Davenport won   4-6, 4-6
              Harley Jackson   Davenport won   3-6, 2-6
              Kyleigh Miller   Davenport won   4-6, 3-6

              Girls Doubles
              Miller/LaLonde   Davenport won   3-6, 2-6
              Smith/Isabella   Davenport won   3-6, 2-6
              Harley/Gweneth   CL Hawks  won   4-6, 7-5, 10-1

              Boys Singles:
              Colby Jackson   CL Hawks   won   6-3, 6-3
              Zachary Elson   Davenport  won   7-6, 5-7, 7-10
              Shawn Bell      Davenport  won   4-6, 6-2, 9-11
              Tanner Adams    CL Hawks   won   6-3, 6-2
              Gabriel Lara    CL Hawks   won   6-3, 6-2
              Travis Parma    CL Hawks   won   6-3, 6-2

              Boys Doubles:
              Jackson/Lara    Davenport  won   2-6, 4-6
              Bell/Elson      Davenport  won   4-6, 4-6
              Parma/Adams     CL Hawks   won   6-3, 7-5

              Mixed Doubles:
              Frasier/Hannah  CL Hawks   won   6-2, 6-4

Congrats and Go Hawks!!