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Football, Game Article | October 14, 2020

MV Hawks 7B Team Comeback Win is Sweet, 30-28

                                Smiling MV Hawks in post-game talk after comeback win, 30-28.


Mountain Valley 7B came back from a 14 deficit to beat Canyon Middle School and keep their undefeated record in tact, 30-28.

The ReSporter would like to make a statement before continuing to write this article.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

A little history will show just how important a B Squad can be for any school’s program as coaches each year will divide their players up in two groups, an A & B team. With an A team having a more talented group than the B team, as there are usually too many players to have for just one team and the need to have playing time for all the players.

A few years back there was a player that was relegated to a B team for his 7th & 8th grade campaigns who would become one of Canyon Lake’s best football players. Knowing that, during those Middle School years, young men will grow have growing spurts different times. This will sometimes have a player placed on that second team.

Josh DeVries, was that player on a B squad back in the day and this young man ended his career holding down the 3rd most yardage gained for the Hawks and second most yardage gained in one season.


                       TOP THREE
Name          Career Yds     Name             Yards Season   Year
Zach Henshaw    4324         Zach Henshaw         2070       2011
Tanner Faris    3058         Josh DeVries         1389       2014
Josh DeVries    2104         McGuire Johnson      1306       2013

Note that whichever team you play on today might not be where you end your senior year in high school. Players that put work into this craft can be promoted and DeVries proved to coaches that he deserved a starting spot on the Varsity.

With that being said, this Canyon Middle School team had a player that was head and shoulders (literally) above the rest of the players on the field on this night. On his second carry, this player, went 50 yards for a score.

             Way to Go Hawks!!

Scoring multiple times had this player looking like he should have been part of that A team that had played before this game commenced.

There has to be a reason for the demotion or placement but ability was not in the factoring of those decisions of what team this player should be playing for.

MVMS 7B team came into this game giving up just 4 points per game and quickly found that number had been doubled after that first touchdown.

“We needed to focus and we needed some big play to spark us,” Head Coach Brandon Burger said with fries. “We needed to keep playing Hawk football and keep mashing.”

The Hawks did respond with a drive that ended inside of 2 minutes of the second period. This was a classic slot-t offense as the longest run was the final carry when Reese Pipkin scurried 10 yards for a tying score, 6-6.

                 Go Hawks!!

MV covered 55 yards in 14 plays having to convert two 4th downs with that final tying touchdown.

The Jaguars would finish the half scoring twice and that final touchdown coming on a 57 yard run and a 20-6 lead for the Visitors.

There was an awakening during those halftime get-to-gethers as the Hawks had a chance to receive the kick to start and needing at least two scores to tie.

Gavin Baldera took that kick-off for 44 yards to the Jaguars’ 26 yard line. The run had more stops and goes, much like driving 281 going into San Antonio, but Baldera would not be denied on this run.

“Our coaches xxspoke with authorityxx during halftime and then I started getting mad and I just wanted to get past everybody,” Baldera said when recalling halftime talk and his kick-off return. “It is a honor to represent our school and hopefully we can keep the streak going.”

“This play (the kick-off return) made a big difference,” Coach Burger assessed. “B games give me more stress.”

Reese Pipkin, Gavin Baldera and William Hickman were instrumental in win over Canyon MS

Mountain Valley would take just 4 plays to score with a 12 yard run by Lucas Schexnayder who scored from 7 yards out on his next carry. With a successful two point run the Hawks were in business trailing, 20-14.

Now it would be the Hawk defense that responded next forcing a turnover on downs and 60 yards needed to even this battle up.

Eight plays later on the first play of the final period, MVMS, had Baldera scoring on a 7 yard run and a Pipkin two point run gave the Hawks their first lead of the game with 7:15 showing on the clock.

Next, Canyon MS would drain over 5 minutes of clock to take the lead back, 28-20 on a 62 yard drive. An interference call helped convert one first down for the Jaguars and then a face-mask penalty helped put the visitors in scoring position on MV’s 9 yard line.

One play later CMS would retake the lead with just 2:20 left on the clock and a Jaguars lead, 28-22.

For a slot-t offense, moving the ball will tend to play against a team that needs to score quickly which was needed for Mountain Valley to keep their undefeated record unblemished.

              Way To Go Hawks!!

The Hawks set up shop needing 51 yards for a chance to win or tie this back and forth game.

On a 3rd down and needing 8 yards for a first, Mountain Valley, would not only convert the first but a scoring play via the pass when QB Jordan Scheppler found Pipkin all alone on the visitors sideline and a 49 yard score.

“I saw the ball traveling but it did get stuck up in the lights and then I just tried to run super fast,” Pipkin recalled. On what was the difference between the first and second half, “We had to get it going and we came back in the second half.”

Schnexnayder would convert the two point try on the ground and a two point lead, 30-28 with just over a minute remaining.

Knowing what might happen with a player that had already rushed for over 200 yards and using two break-a-ways runs over 50 yards to score did have a lot of angst for the Hawk’s players and fans.

Starting on their own 42 yard line, the Jaguars would try a pass to their ‘player’ but this time fate would be smiling on MV’s side when William Hickman stepped in front of the pass and intercepted the ball which gave the game to Mountain Valley.

                  Hawk Proud

“I wasn’t ready for a pass,” Hickman said in passing. “I was ready for a run and then I saw the ball coming about halfway in midair. It was coming directly towards me and I had been practicing catching with my Dad and my eyes just lit up when I caught the ball and just knew I would need to protect the ball on my run.”

“I was surprised,” Coach Burger quipped. “I thought they would run and that seemed pretty risky but it paid off for us!”

A win that should go a long way for a team that will be on the road next week when Mountain Valley (4-0) travels to Smithson Valley (3-0) in a battle between two undefeated titans. (The ReSporter does not have results for Tuesday night’s game for SVMS)

Go Hawks and Beat the Rangers!!


               1  2  3  4   Final
Canyon MS      6 14  0  8   28
MVMS Hawks B   0  6  8 16   30
Scoring Summary:
CJ-#26 with a 50 yard run (run failed), 6:53, 1st
MV-Reese Pipkin 10 yard run (run failed), 6:19, 2nd
CJ-#26 with a 29 yard run (run failed), 1:38, 2nd
CJ-#26 with a 57 yard run (run good), 0:00, 2nd
MV-Lucas Schexnayder 7 yard run (Schexnayder run), 5:34, 3rd
MV-Gavin Baldera 7 yard run (Pipkin run), 7:15, 4th
CJ-#26 with a 9 yard run (run good), 2:20, 4th
MV-Pipkin 49 yd pass from Jordan Scheppler (Schnexnayder run), 1:08, 4th

Team Stats            Jaguars      Hawks
Total Yardage         225          222
First Downs           10           11
Rush/Yards            22/225       28/173
Comp/Att/Int          0/2/1        1/1/0
Passing Yards         0            49
Punts/Average         0/0          0/0
Fumbles/Lost          0/0          1/1
Penalties-Yards       3-25         4-34

Passing               Comp  Att   Pct   Yds  Int  TD
Jordan Scheppler      1     1   1.000   49   0    1

Rushing               Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Lucas Schexnayder      7    82   11.7   32   1
Reese Pipkin          10    49    4.9   10   1
Gavin Baldera          4    35    8.8   16   1
Jordan Scheppler       3     4    1.3    9   0
Hayes Holladay         3     4    1.3    2   0
Tristan Alexander      1    -1     —     -   0

Receiving              No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Reese Pipkin           1    49   49.0   49   1