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Boys Soccer, Coaches Corner | January 1, 2021

Coaches Corner with Boys Soccer’s Cody Schroeder


The ReSporter: What are your take from the first game with Seguin?

Coach Schroeder: “For our first outing, I felt the positives outweighed the negatives. We still have lots to improve and make progress both offensively and defensively. The energy and enthusiasm was really good, that comes from the boys and is half the battle.”

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The ReSporter: What do you like to accomplish in your pre-district battles besides the obvious, winning answer?

Coach Schroeder: “We hope to accomplish the creation of an identity, a style of play that is well organized defensively, and attack oriented, trying to push the ball forward to score. We hope to establish a core group that has experience and add some new faces to the program. Most importantly in pre-district, be able to make progress in the right direction so we have faith in the process as we enter District 26-4A on Feb. 9.”

The ReSporter: There was a time when CL did not even have a Junior Varsity for Soccer and with the recent success of this program that has changed. What do you see from the younger players so far?

Coach Schroeder: “The Junior Varsity is essential in the continued growth of the Canyon Lake High School Soccer Program, these are the players that allow for future success, and a number of younger players could have an opportunity coming off of last year’s Junior Varsity.”

The ReSporter: Do you have someone that might be your striker this year yet?

Coach Schroeder: “Alex Gracia, Foreign Exchange Student-Spain, should give us a potent scoring threat. Good size, good skill, pure finisher. Should be exciting.”

The ReSporter:  What is your coaching philosophy when it comes to your offense?

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Coach Schoeder: “Go Forward, go forward, go forward – push hard towards the opponent’s goal. Get numbers forward, attack with 11 players with the mindset we want to score goals.

And Defense? Defend in mass – Get numbers behind the ball, defend with 11. Be well organized, take away the Central Corridor, deny scoring opportunties and get the ball started forward in the attack.

The ReSporter: Canyon Lake will not be bashful with the strength of schedule….what are you wanting to see from the team as you prepare for district play?

Coach Schroeder: “Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. Making progress and trusting the process. Wins are important, but Doing Right is more important so we are prepared when District 26-4A starts on Feb. 9. Doing Right, will give us the opportunity to win.”

                 Hawk Proud

The ReSporter: Give the Hawk Nation on how you view a sport that does not have as many schools that participate.

Coach Schroeder: “Soccer is soccer, doesn’t matter 6A or 4A. Depth and just number of plyers is the only difference. It has been invigorating and challenging getting to know the players, strengths and weaknesses and their personalities. Now, putting the ideas together, have trust in the process, make progress in Doing Right and be prepared for an exciting and successful season while carrying on the tradition of past successes.”

Go Hawks!!