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        Girl’s Soccer is presently enjoying best start in several years with team picture after Pleasanton Tournament!

                       THIS WEEK   @   CANYON LAKE            January 26-January 29

Tue. Jan 26     CL Hawks JV        @   Pleasanton JV          5:00 Boys  Soccer
                Freddie Freshman   @   CL Hawks Freshman      5:00 Boys  Basketball
                Freddie JV         @   CL Hawks JV            5:00 Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV        @   Freddie JV             5:00 Girls Basketball
                CL Hawks           @   Freddie                5:15 Girls Basketball
                Freddie            @   CL Hawks               6:30 Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks           @   Pleasanton             7:00 Boys  Soccer

Fri. Jan 29     Gonzales JV        @   CL Hawks JV            5:00 Boys  Soccer
                CL Hawks JV        @   Boerne                 5:00 Girls Basketball
                Boerne Freshman    @   CL Hawks Freshman      5:15 Boys  Basketball
                Boerne JV          @   CL Hawks JV            5:15 Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks           @   Boerne                 6:15 Girls Basketball
                Boerne             @   CL Hawks               6:30 Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks           @   Gonzales               7:00 Girls Soccer
                Gonzales           @   CL Hawks               7:00 Boys  Soccer

Sat. Jan 30     CL Hawks           @   Wimberley             11:00 Boys  Basketball   


The quiet before the storm as this will be the final week with two major sports competing with a plethora of sports firing up to start February.

Last week did not have a lot of highlights with Girls Basketball now in their final two weeks of play before the end of the season. In the first round CL had just one win against another district winless Davenport Wolves team which has these two schools cemented in two spots outside the qualifying 4 teams that earn a post-season schedule.

For the Boy’s Basketball a wrench was thrown in the reconstruction of a new offense when their game with Wimberley was postponed due to Covid issues. That make-up game will be played on Saturday as this Hawk team will need some help and improvement as they too have just one win against Davenport as the two teams looking up in district play.

That Davenport win had some dramatic escapades with a last minute shot to take a one point win that broke a 5 game losing streak.

CL’s Soccer teams continue to show a knack for pulling out wins with the Girls team that has put a good record with one week before district starts.

The Boy’s Soccer team has a winning record as well with one set-back with two games this week with a road game in Pleasanton on Tuesday and then back home to face Gonzales on Friday.

The Lake Ladies will be on the road in Gonzales on Friday with both teams enjoying a week-off of competition before district starts up on February 9th.

Go Hawks!!