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Girls Soccer | February 4, 2021

Girl’s Soccer: Coaches Corner & District 26-4A Standings

                CL Hawk’s Defense would Shut-Out Floresville in Statement game earlier this year.



The surprised Hawk team for this year has to be the Ladies Soccer crew. They sport a 12-3 record entering district play next week.

World’s Finest say Hawks are Too!

Those 12 wins are the most a Lady Hawk team has had for a season much less going into district competition.

There has been 9 different scorers and 10 players with an assist to go with those 12 wins. Those 3 losses were to a higher classification school and The Lake has a winning record against 5A & 6A schools.

A lot of positive’s coming for a team that has struggled these past few seasons.

“We have played a lot of players thus far due to injuries and playing other sports (Basketball) and that has allowed several girls a chance to play different positions,” Head Soccer Coach Kara Stracener started. “We have had to play 3 different formations and different positions and that has helped them to see their worth and value.”

The Hawks had a couple of games last season with 3 goals, but that was the extent of their offense which caused a lot of pressure for the defense.

“These girls encourage each other and are not jealous,” Coach Stracener said when asked how the team reacts when some of the players that play more than one sport comes to play after a basketball game. “A lot of these girls have never been winners…..when I asked some Seniors how many games they won in middle school they said that they did not win any games during their 7th grade year snd just one game when they played as 8th graders.”

Freedom Car Care says Way to Go Hawks!

Those same Senior’s have amassed 8 wins since their freshman year and now have already beat that total by four. With district games coming up this next week the Hawks will want to continue this streak and put some surprised looks on their competition faces.

On what game became a statement contest so far this year? “It had to be the Floresville game when we had 2 or 3 girls injured and a few more playing basketball. We literally had to adjust and change things around at halftime and won that game ((2-0) and now game to game, no matter who we have to play, we know we can do it and win.”

And Win has been a key ingredient so far with a tough district slate about to start for this upstart group of ladies.

“In that Floresville game we had to bring in 5 Junior Varsity girls and did not get our basketball ladies until the 2nd half of that game,” Coach Stracener said. “Now when we get off the bus they are expecting to win and in the past that would not have been the case.”

On what the team did this off week in preparing for district? “District is completely different than what we have done up to now,…We have been finding ways to win games when we fall behind but I know that in district, we will have to push through those situations and prepare for those situations and know how we are going to win it.”

The ReSporter has the standings for district below as there are also some big hurdles that will need to be cleared with some always tough district opponents in Wimberley, Boerne, Fredericksburg, etc.

“In our past district games, if we fell apart then we could never get the game back,” Coach Stracener recalled. “We would just hope we could play good enough to keep it close and hope we could put together 30 minutes of consistent soccer….Now we have had similar games like that and we won… seeing if that translates to district will be the key.”

CL has certainly had a tough enough non-district slate of battles and not being content, will be the difference this year, as this team will want to continue to play their ‘A’ game.

“I would like to know that we have not already reached our peak,” Stracener closed. “I want us to continue to get better and to not taper off…I do not think we have reached our full potential and have had enough consistency for a full game but now we will start district with a full healthy team!”

With some basketball ladies coming aboard full time will certainly leave Coach Stracener with a full tool box with enough ladies that have been put in different situations that should give that confidence boost needed when any player is called on.

                   Hawk Proud

Those district team records, recorded below, will show that this will not be an easy road for these schools. Some notes for understanding is knowing that Boerne has probably had the toughest non-district schedule thus far and so that .500 record should not fool any opponent even tho they rest in last place during this pre-district time slot.

Should be an exciting dates coming up knowing that a 5th & 6th place team might be good enough for a playoffs if they were not residing in this district.

Way to Go Hawks and Good Luck in District!!



                     DISTRICT 26-4A STANDINGS

            School             W    L    T     Pct
            Wimberley         13    3    0    .813
            CL Hawks          12    3    0    .800
            Bandera            4    1    0    .800
            Davenport          4    1    0    .800
            Fredericksburg     9    5    3    .618
            Boerne             6    6    3    .500

    Tue. 2/9       CL Hawks         @    Wimberley
                   Boerne           @    Bandera
                   Fredericksburg   @    Davenport