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Track & Field | April 9, 2021

Mountain Valley Track & Field had Great Showing in Hawk Quad Meet

     Mountain Valley Lady Hawks have impressive outing at District Quad Meet.


Mountain Valley Middle School Hawks 7th Grade Boys won their recent Quad Track Meet at the Hawk Nest scoring 216 points. Lady Hawks finish 3rd scoring 132 points with Aubrey Avey leading the Ladies scoring 26 points in four events.

Let’s Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!

“We have quite a few bright spots on our track teams this year,” Head Track Coach Brandon Pawelek came out of the blocks. “Our hurdlers are doing well and hoping for some district champs in those races. We have done well in various field events and are hopeful for 1st place in district in some of those as well. We are proud of all our track kids this year for working hard and competing in a tough district. It has been fun to watch them improve throughout the season.”

For the Boys, Jace Morales was active scoring in 5 events with 26 points followed by Connor Donahue’s 25 points coming from 4 events.

Tyler Soza won the 100 meter dash in a school record 11.76 which would rank 17th on the All-Time Varsity Track team.

On what Soza’s thinking was going into his record breaking run, “I’m so into it (the race) that I did not even know how well I had done and who is running by me. I have been working out since January.”

Those workouts paid a big time bonus with results shown in this meet.

7th Grader Tyler Soza has new MV 100 meter record.

But Soza was not the only athlete that had a break-out day on the track.

The distance events had a boys sweep for the 1600 meter run which has been a weakness through the years at the High School. Aubrey Avey on the girls team won her 800 & 1600 run for a MV sweep in that event.

Those two events would have Avey already in the Top-Ten if she was competing for CLHS. Avey was high point for the Girls scoring 26 points in her 4 events. Addison Parks scored 21 points and was active in 5 events to get to her total of 21 points.

First place finishes were in abundance with 6 boys individual and the 4×400 relay joining in the fun.

The Ladies had 4 first place finishers as Avey’s two in the 800 & 1600 runs and Parks discus, Valerie Thomas 200 dash, and Kinleigh Wilkins on her triple jump event.

Track is all about the depth of a team as points add up with those 4-5-6 place finishers. The MV Boys had 19 scoring points while the Ladies 17 garnering points for the team.


                       MOUNTIAN VALLEY HAWK RELAYS   7TH GRADE
          TEAM              Pts         TEAM              Pts
          Mountain Valley   216         Spring Branch     186
          Canyon            145         Danville          173
          Danville          130         Mountain Valley   132
          Spring Branch      94         Canyon            104

                           INDIVIDUAL SCORERS
     BOYS                    pts events GIRLS              pts   events
     Jace Morales            26    5    Aubrey Avey        26      4
     Connor Donahue          25    4    Addison Parks      21      5
     Cayden Mills            20    3    Valerie Thomas     19      3
     Gavin Williams          19    3    Kinleigh Wilkins   16      2
     Sylas Turner            18    2    Mia Zabarcencu     10      2
     Jacob Price             16    2    Haley Petty         7      3
     Tyler Soza              14    2    Ryarose Clark       6      2
     Chris Brown             14    3    Delilah King        5      3
     Dionysio Villavicencio  14    3    Keira Kite          4      3
     Tristan Alexander       10    3    Brook Andrews       4      2
     Chandler Cross           8    2    Ellana Thiele       4      1
     Hayes Holladay           6    1    Avery Norris        2      1
     Cash Ziemba              6    1    Seren Kennedy       2      1
     Eli Hammons              6    1    Chayce Standifer    2      1
     Gavyn Baldera            5    2    Zoe Rosales         2      1
     Jackson Alvarez          4    1    Valerie Moreno      1      1
     Carson Gibbons           2    1    Hannah Montoya      1      1
     Dalton Hodges            2    1
     Donavan Menchaca         1    1

                             100 meters
     Tyler Soza           11.76   1st   Valerie Thomas      13.02   3rd
     Jace Morales         11.90   2nd   Addison Parks       13.36   6th
     Tristan Alexander    12.60   6th   Delilah King        14.18  10th

                             200 meters
     Chris Brown          26.31   4th   Valerie Thomas      27.76   1st
     Rowdy Clancy         27.67   8th   Keira Kite          28.58   5th
     Chandler Cross       27.74   9th   Avery Norris        31.19  11th

                             400 meters
     Gavin Williams       65.28   1st   Mia Zabarcencu      70.22   2nd
     Carson Gibbons       68.85   5th   Brooks Andrews      74.35   9th
     Cooper Holland       71.27   9th   Zoe Rosales         77.47  12th

                             800 meters
     Jacob Price        2:38.19   3rd   Aubrey Avey       2:41.42   1st
     Dion Villavicencio 2:44.92   5th   Brookes Andrews   2:56.08   5th
     Gavyn Baldera      2:47.12   6th

                            1600 meters
     Jacob Price        5:56.24   1st   Aubrey Avey       6:20.87   1st
     Sylas Turner       6:13.47   2nd   Ryarose Clark     7:00.76   4th
     Hayes Holladay     6:14.27   3rd

                            2400 meters
     Sylas Turner       9:38.91   1st   Ellana Thiele    10:44.70   4th
     Jackson Alvarez    9:41.58   4th   Ryarose Clark    10:57.06   5th
     Alex Ballard      11:43.07   8th

                          100 meter hurdles
     Cayden Mills         16.24   2nd   Haley Petty         19.03   5th
     Cash Ziemba          18.40   3rd   Keira Kite          19.50   6th
     Eli Hammons          20.83   8th   Chayce Standifer    20.26   8th

                          300 meter hurdles
     Gavin Williams       51.90   2nd   Aubrey Avey         56.19   4th
     Eli Hammons          52.53   3rd
     Dalton Hodges        54.04   5th

     4x100 meter relay    50.19   2nd   4x100 meter relay   56.35   3rd
     Tristan Alexander Chandler Cross   Valerie Thomas   Delilah King
     Jace Morales      Tyler Soza       Haley Petty      Addison Parks

     4x200 meter relay  1:49.19   2nd   4x200 meter relay 2:07.40   4th
     Chris Brown       Cayden Mills     Avery Norris     Chayce Standifer
     Chandler Cross    Connor Donahue   Seren Kennedy    Haley Petty

     4x400 meter relay  4:19.02   1st   4x400 meter relay 5:06.31   4th
     Tristan Alexander Connor Donahue   Brooks Andrews   Delilah King
     Gavin William     Jace Morales     Zoe Rosales      Mia Zabarcencu

                             long jump
     Connor Donahue    14-09.75   1st   Addison Parks    13-04.50   6th
     Gavin Williams    14-05.00   4th   Aubrey Avey      13-04.50   6th
     Jace Morales      13-08.00   6th   Keira Kite       13-00.00  10th

                             shot put
     Chris Brown       29-00.25   3rd   Addison Parks    25-11.00   3rd
     Donovan Menchaca  27-06.00   7th   Valerie Moreno   22-08.00   6th

    Dion Villavicencio 74-04.00   5th   Addison Parks    72-07.00   1st
    Donavan Menchaca   70-07.50   6th   Kinleigh Wilkins 54-04.00   8th
    Ricky Woodling     65-11.00   9th   Brooks Andrews   51-07.50   10th

                             triple jump
    Connor Donahue     32-00.50   3rd   Kinleigh Wilkins 29-06.00   1st
    Gavyn Baldera      31-01.00   4th   Aubrey Avey      27-11.00   5th
    Jacob Price        27-05.00  10th   Keira Kite       26-01.00   8th

                             high jump
    Dionysio Villavicencio 4-08   1st   Kinleigh Wilkin   4-02.00   3rd
    Jace Morales           4-04   2nd   Hannah Montoya    4-00.00   6th


Hannah Hammer dominated long distance runs at MV Hawk Meet.

The Eighth Grade had a 2nd Place finish for the Boys who scored 161 points and the Ladies scoring 137 points for their 3rd place spot.

Another good group of scorers with the Girls spreading their mayonnaise over the bread with 13 different girls with Hannah Hammer putting her hammer down with two first place finishes.

“It has been so fun to watch so many girls beat their personal bests each week,” Head Girls Track Coach Alyssa Walker stated. “We are competing against some bigger, tough schools and our girls are really showing some grit. We have several that qualified for the district meet and have a real chance to place district wide. They are making MVMS Proud!”

The Boys were led by Bradley Sowersby who scored a whopping 39 points out a possible 45 in 5 different events.

Other boys scoring in double digits were:
Frank Thomas 24, Kaiden Lewis 21, Chris Tabor 20, Dalton Stromquist 17, Carter Williams 13, and Michael Anderson with 10.

      Way to Go MVMS Hawks!!

The Ladies had Brilee with 19 points and Laynie Coleman scoring 13 points for MV Hawks.

Frank Thomas finished high in three tough events with a first place for his 800 meter run in an impressive 2:25 and had 3rd place finishes in the 400 meter dash and a 2nd place finish in the mile. Those three runs in one day takes a lot out of an athlete and for this young man finishing well in all three was impressive.

Sowersby finished first in three events with both hurdles and long jump. Sowersby triple jump was a 3rd place finish with teammate Dalton Stromquist finishing in 2nd for that event.

Chris Tabor entered two events and finished first in both with the discus and shot put being his craft. Michael Anderson helped add points for the throwing events scoring 10 points for the Hawks.

Way to Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!


         Team                    8th GRADE       Team
         Danville          206                   Danville.         207
         Mountain Valley   161                   Spring Branch     186
         Canyon            124                   Mountain Valley   137
         Spring Branch      83                   Canyon             78

                              INDIVIDUAL SCORING
         BOYS                Pts    Events       GIRLS              Pts   Events
         Bradley Sowersby    39       5          Hannah Hammer      24      3
         Frank Thomas        24       3          Brilee Eaton       19      4
         Kaiden Lewis        21       4          Laynie Coleman     13      3
         Chris Tabor         20       2          Devyn Andrist       8      3
         Dalton Stromquist   17       4          Mya Vorhis          8      3
         Carter Williams     13       3          Avery Hime          7      2
         Michael Anderson.   10       2          Annaly Perkins      6      2
         Evan Poole           6       1          Marli Christian     6      3
         Hagen Gill.          4       2          Delaney Meier       6      2
         Tristan Evans        4       2          Reece Coburn        6      2
         Isaac Gayford        3       2          Haley Eichman       3      1
                                                 Morgan Beebe        2      1
                                                 Kylie Bottorff      1      1

                                       100 meter
         Kaiden Lewis          11.97   3rd       Delaney Meier       13.81   7th
                                                 Morgan Beebe        15.71   9th

                                       200 meter
         Kaiden Lewis          25.01   3rd       Devyn Andrist       29.76   5th
         James Comell          28.69  11th       Reece Coburn        29.89   7th

                                       400 meter
         Frank Thomas          60.42   3rd       Hannah Hammer       68.05   1st
         James Comell          65.29   8th       Laynie Coleman      70.67   3rd

                                       800 meter
         Frank Thomas        2:25.32   1st       Hannah Hammer     2:39.46   3rd
         Tristan Evans       2:37.85   5th       Laynie Coleman    2:42.16   4th
                                                 Kylie Bottorff.   3:06.60   8th

                                       1600 run
         Frank Thomas        5:45.80   2nd       Hannah Hammer     6:17.60   2nd
                                                 Annaly Perkins    6:39.56   5th
                                                 Avery Hime        6:40.13   6th

                                       2400 run
                                                 Avery Hime       10:30.34   3rd
                                                 Annaly Perkins   10:37.12   4th
                                                 Kylie Bottorff   11:30.14   6th

                                  100 meter hurdles
         Bradley Sowersby      15.36   1st       Brilee Eaton        17.54   3rd
         Carter Williams       16:38   3rd       Marli Christian     18.57   6th
         Dalton Stromquist     16.70   4th       Haley Eichman       18.93   7th

                                  300 meter hurdles
         Bradley Sowerby       44:42   1st       Brilee Eaton        52.34   1st
         Carter Williams       50.52   4th       Haley Eichman       55.21   3rd
         Hagen Gill            51.19   5th       Marli Christian     56.06   4th

         4x100 meter relay     48.79   3rd       4x100 meter relay   55.62   3rd
         Carter Williams    Dalton Stromquist    Brilee Eaton     Haley Eichman
         Bradley Sowersby   Kaiden Lewis         Christian Marli  Mya Vorhis

         4x200 meter relay   1:51.60   4th       4x200 meter relay 2:02.90   3rd
         Dalton Stromquist  Hagen Gill           Reece Coburn     Devyn Andrist
         Isaac Gayford      Tristen Evans        Mya Vorhis       Delaney Meier

                                                 4x400 meter relay 4:53.61   3rd
         long jump                               Reece Coburn     Laynie Coleman
         Bradley Sowersby   17-02.00   1st       Devyn Andrist    Delaney Meier
         Kaiden Lewis       16-00.00   3rd
         Carter Williams    13-09.00   9th       long jump
                                                 Brilee Eaton     14-03.00   3rd
         shot put                                Mya Vorhis       14-02.00   5th
         Chris Taber        38-10.00   1st       Haley Eichman    12-08.50  11th
         Evan Poole         34-01.00   3rd
         Michael Anderson   33-06.50   5th       shot put
                                                 Morgan Beebe     28-04.00   5th
        discus                                   Huntley Morast   27-04.00   8th
        Chris Taber        110-06.00   1st
        Michael Anderson   107-06.00   2nd       discus
        Isaac Gayford       78-01.00   6th       Jesica Rivera    61-09.00   7th

                                         triple jump
        Dalton Stromquist   36-07.00   2nd       Brilee Eaton     29-09.00   4th
        Bradley Sowersby    34-01.00   3rd       Marli Christian  29-04.00   5th
        Kaiden Lewis        32-04.00   8th       Haley Eichman    28-03.00.  8th