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Football, Game Article | October 6, 2021

Mountain Valley 8B Pick-Pocket Canyon MS, 26-0.

                       Team capsule for Hawk 8B team after white-wash win over Canyon MS, 26-0.


Mountain Valley 8B team shut-down & Shut-Out Canyon Middle School in a Pick-Pocket statement game, 26-00.

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

After a scoreless first quarter the MVMS Hawks unclipped their wings and flew high while holding their counterparts to a pedestrian, 2.4 yards per snap as the Jaguars had no answers against a very talented and deep Mountain Valley ‘B’ team.

That letter ‘B’ title could easily be replaced as this crew could change places and with the Hawk A team and a spectator would need to have a high powered microscope to see any difference.

“Overall, our 8th grade really has depth,” Head Coach Burger said when responding to the win. “Top to bottom these players know that if there is a need on the other team that they could be called up and we would still be in good shape.”

That was put on display on this night as the 8B team was dominant all 4 quarters on defense and then those last 3 periods had Hawk offense that was able to rack up 217 yards in the win. That is right at 8 yards per play that is translated to 14 first downs and a prefect 2 for 2 through the air.

That first quarter was not as bleak as one might think as the Jaguars had the ball to start the game and after missing on a 4th and 12 play, the Hawks would start their drive that ended on the first play of the 2nd quarter with a Josh Rowe 8 yard run capping 52 yard drive on 8 plays. Only one 3rd down conversion needed and a beautiful QB Jordan Scheppler pass to Hayes Holladay for 13 yards.

           Way to Go Mountain Valley!!

Holladay and Scheppler were partners twice and another 25 yard pass and catch that helped on the 2nd possession score to end the half when with a Ryder Smith 27 yard run for a, 12-0 lead.

Mountain Valley started the 2nd half like they ended the first when they drove 46 yards taking 7 plays and Rowe’s 2nd touchdown run of the night.

The two explosive plays was a Cody Fehrman 10 yard dash that followed a 19 yard Rowe romp.

A simple game with 4 Hawk possessions and 4 Hawk touchdowns.

The final quarter saw that final TD after MV was able to defense 3 passes and then ran the Jaguars out of the stadium going another 7 plays for a score when Ryder Smith rambled 22 yards for the final score and shut-out win.

Canyon MS had 62 of their 79 yards on their final drive showing the Hawk dominance.

That defense will have the visitors licking their wounds on their drive back to New Braunfels as the Hawk defense was relentless and showed no mercy in their tackling.

Cayden Toon, Cody Fehrman, and JR Lindell defended against the Jaguars without a scratch.

“Our defense was strong but we had a few mistakes,” JR Lindell said with reverence. “We, pickpocketed their victory and we will be more focused in practice as we prepare for next week.”

Yes, It was a Pick-Pocket Win that left the Jaguars with empty pockets literally.

With rushing 179 yards the offensive line deserves some accolades and Cayden Toon was on hand to help fill in some blanks, “I get excited as I am finishing a block and see our running backs going by me…we are just getting through the line and trying to get their quarterback on defense.”

Toon was a busy man on this night after letting The ReSporter know that he had 20 pancake blocks but was quick to be more down to earth stating he had 10 of those blocks. Toon was also on top of the conversation when  he said he could eat that many too.

On how the team plans to continue this winning trend, “Work hard and build off this win and get better,” Toons said while thinking of pancakes.

Now that is a good synopsis.

One more Hawk that was administering pain defensively was Cody Fehrman. On how the team came into this game in total control.

“We have an idea of what they are going to do by watching the ‘A’ game before we play,” Fehrman said with resolve. “Our offense was going today and we were pumped up and when I am going for a tackle I am searching for the runner and try to see where he is going but it is not that hard to get us pumped up.”

Any more pumped up and this team could go work for Discount Tires as those people that fill the tires.

Great game and time to go to Pancake House to see how many cakes Toon has taken down!!

Way to Go Hawks!!

               1  2  3  4  Final
Canyon MS 8B   0  0  0  0  00
MVMS 8B        0 12  6  8  26
Scoring Summary:
MV-Josh Rowe 8 yard run (run failed), 7:53, 2nd
MV-Ryder Smith 27 yard run (run failed), 9:59, 2nd
MV-Josh Rowe 3 yard run (pat failed), 3:51, 3rd
MV-Ryder Smith 22 yard run (Jordan Scheppler run), 6:28, 4th

Team Stats        Jaguars    Hawks
Total Yardage     79         217
First Downs       9          14
Rush/Yardage      24/79      25/179
Comp/Att/Int      1/9/0      2/2/0
Passing Yards     0          38
Punts/Average     1/19.0     0/0
Fumbles/Lost      0/0        0/0
Penalties-Yds     2/25       1/15

Passing           Comp  Att   Pct  Yds  Int  TD
Jordan Scheppler  2     2   1.000  38   0    0

Rushing           Att  Yds  Ave   Lg   TD
Ryder Smith       6    56   9.3   27   2
Josh Rowe         4    28   7.0   19   2
Jacob Price       2    18   9.0   15   0
Reese Pipkin      3    17   5.7    6   0
Lucas Schexnayder 3    17   5.7    9   0
Cody Fehrman      2    15   7.0   10   0
JR Lindell        2    13   6.5    7   0
Jordan Scheppler  2    11   5.5    9   0
Gavin Baldera     1     5   5.0    5   0
Totals           25   179   7.2   27   4

Receiving        No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Hayes Holladay    2   38   19.0   25   0