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Track & Field | June 1, 2022

Track & Field Best Athletes Compared by on the Track Results

Alencia Lentz took new heights this year winning State in the Pole Vault.


More fun for these Summer time months.

The ReSporter would like to know if you might want more interesting information during this time of the year. Today, we will be going over the Top 10 Track Athletes that if you took their event place 1-6 and scored it like a track meet who would amass the most points. If a Hawk finished 7th thru 10th then they would not receive points.

Let The ReSporter know if there might be something like this to research for you as an article or if you have some individual questions on an athlete.

For today’s article the athletes were awarded points due to their standing for each event for example:


       100 METER DASH        TIME      PTS
    1) Alysha Perez         12.46      10 points
    2) Madison Churbe       13.08       8 points
    3) Hailey Overstreet    13.22       6 points
    4) Trena Lorett         13.23       4 points
    5) Emily Roach          13.27       2 points
    6) Carley Dubois        13.28       1 point

        Congrats & Way to Go Hawks!!

For the Relays The ReSporter just has the Top 3 so an athlete could get points more than one time in that event.

In track, individuals get points divided by 4 runners. So a first place is awarded 20 points so each athlete receives 5 points that equals 20 and so forth for those other two relays.

This list will have an athletes points and the number of events that student had to reach that amount.

Hope you are enjoying your Summer and let The ReSporter know if you have other ideas for whichever sport.

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These two lists certainly tell a tale for those students as Madison Churbe (41) and Skylar Hurst (40) both reached 40 points and then Alysha (33) and Bailey Drum (32) were neck and neck.

Hurst is still seen 7 times while Churbe and Perez made 7 times a piece to help garner their totals.

Texas Country is Proud of Canyon Lake’s Student Athletes.

Jessica Cunningham is averaging 8 points or 2nd place in her three events and Cadence Patterson has matched that average.

Cunningham had the oldest top spots before losing them in the 300 meter hurdles to Claire Schroeder and her top spot in the pole vault to this year’s State Champion Alencia Lentz.

Some well deserving athletes and since those numbers are so close the debate can begin on who you might think was the best.

For the Boys, Jordan Anderson was by far the best track athlete and is still first in the 100-200-400-high jump events. There were meets during his stint as a Hawk where he scored 50 points for the team and would usually range between 44-50 points per meet.

Caimen McDonough (30) and Lester Boehm (29) finished with a one point of separation with Boehm scoring points in 7 events which was the most for the boys.

Luke Mendez scored 20 points in those distance events which are hard events to compete multiple times….Patterson for the Ladies is in that same boat.

The year of these athletes best event is noted so you can get an idea of the era when these marks were accomplished.

Way to Go Fast and Throw Far and Jump High Hawks!!


GIRLS                Pts    Events   Yr     BOYS              Pts     Events    Yr
Madison Churbe       41       7     ’19     Jordan Anderson   49        6      ’14
Skylar Hurst         40       8     ’17     Caimen McDonough  30        6      ’18
Alysha Perez         33       7     ’17     Lester Boehm      29        7      ’18
Bailey Drum          32       5     ’16     Shayne Moss       20        3      ’22
Aubrey Schulze       24       6     ’18     Luke Mendez       20        2      ’19
Mariah Ellis         24       4     ’14     Austin Camacho    19        3      ’16
Cadence Patterson    24       3     ’22     Nic Rivera        18        2      ’20
Jessica Cunningham   24       3     ’10     Brandon Courtney  18        2      ’16
Marisa Ellis         22       3     ’13     Robert Woods      14        2      ’16
Hannah Graves        18       3     ’11     Jacob Foster      14        2      ’18
                                            Doug Hubnik       14        4      ‘14