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Football | August 24, 2022

Advertiser’s Football Pick’em Contest

                                                                                           GO HAWKS & BEAT WIMBERLEY!!


The Pick’em Contest has been a fun way to see how well the Advertisers would do and has become more popular as this season the Pick’em has the most tisers wanting to be top of the heap.

San Marcos Air won a tight race last season and there is one advertiser that was once known as Buddy’s (the first advertiser for The ReSporter) has entered this years race as Tex-Con Oil and will try to reclaim a once yearly accolade by this picker.

The ReSporter would like all readers to know that all of the Advertiser’s help in costs just like a (Free market) should and they have our endorsements for their worth.  Please give them a call if you have need for all Hawk supporters in Canyon Lake…and Go Hawks!!


Pick’em Contest  SanMarcos JasonYork GoodLife Berkshire Hit Man  Capital  Gordon  MiMas   Tex-Con
                   Air     Comal ISD UPS-Parm   Crisp    Pest    Credit   Plumber Tacos    Oil
Record             3-4         3-4     2-5       3-4      3-4      3-4     2-5    4-3      3-4

Wimbo/CL Hawks   Hawks     Hawks     Hawks    Hawks     Hawks    Hawks    Hawks   Wimbo    CL Hawks
Lampasas/Elgin   Lampasas  Lampasas  Lampasas Lampasas  Elgin    Lampasas Lampsas Lampasas Lampasas
LaVernia/Burnet  LaVernia  Burnet    LaVernia Burnet    Burnet   Burnet   Burnet  LaVernia Burnet
MFalls/Connally  MFalls    Connelly  MFalls   Connally  MFalls   MFalls   MFalls  MFalls   MFalls
Gatesvile/Taylor Gatesvile Gatesvile Taylor   Gatesvile Taylor   Gatsvile Taylor  Gatsvile Gatesvile
Davenp/Vict West VctoiaWst Davenport VictiaWt VctoiaWt  VictiaWt VictaWst VictiWt VictiaWt Vctia Wst
North Texas/UTEP UNTexas   UTEP      UTEP     UNTexas   UTEP     UTEP     UTEP    UNT      UTEP
SFA/JacksonState JacksonSt JacksonSt JcksonSt JacksonSt SFA      SFA      SFA     JcksonSt SFA