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Football, Standings | August 28, 2022

District 13 Division 4A-1 Standings

                                           A packed Student Section at Hawks/Wimberley game.


The first week is in the books and there were two surprises in how well Marble Falls and Davenport played.

       Go get the Billies next Hawks!!

Davenport beat a better team than The Falls but a 45 point Marble Falls win does say something bout how well their slot-t might perform as this season progresses.

Burnet’s win was expected against a weak La Vernia squad.

For the loser’s, Lampasas had a loss against Elgin and CL can attest to how good that school might be after giving your Hawks a tough scrimmage two weeks ago.

Taylor won the turnover war in their loss to Gatesville by one point as the Ducks try to get back up the food chain after a few sub-par seasons.

Canyon Lake played the hardest opponent on opening night and another loss to Wimberley who’s defesnse continues to make CL’s offense look like the slot-less based on rushing for a pedestrian 159 yards which had The Lake breaking 10 yards or more 4 times out of those 39 rushing tries.

     Hawk Proud

Those woes compared to rushing for negative to 1 yard of real-estate 15 times in this battle of the back-bone.

Coaches always tell you that a better gauge for a team is how well the progression improves between that opening night to the 2nd game. Let’s hope that Canyon Lake can usher Fredericksburg into a select group of the only opponent that has suffered 10 losses to these Hawks.

Go Hawks!!


    DISTRICT 14-4A 
    Division I       W   L    Pct    PF   PA
    Marble Falls     1   0  1.000    52   07
    Davenport        1   0  1.000    33   26
    Burnet           1   0  1.000    36   25
    Canyon Lake      0   1   .000    14   21
    Lampasas         0   1   .000    23   26
    Taylor           0   1   .000    21   22

    Game Results
    Wimberley     21    CL Hawks       14
    Marble Falls  52    Connelly       07
    Davenport     33    Victoria West  26
    Burnet        36    La Vernia      25
    Elgin         29    Lampasas       20
    Gatesville    22    Taylor         21

    This Weeks Schedule:
    CL Hawks       @    Fredericksburg 7:30pm
    Brownwood      @    Marble Falls
    Kerrville      @    Davenport
    Burnet         @    Llano
    Lampasas       @    NE Early College
    Taylor         @    Rockdale