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Coaches Corner, Football | August 9, 2022

Hawks Football Continues Drive for Better Season

                                It all starts in the trenches with almost the entire offensive line returning.


Canyon Lake will be preparing for their first scrimmage this week at the Hawk Nest this Friday.

Head Coach Charley Drum gave some thoughts on how this year’s team is looking.

              Go Hawks & Hit’em Hard!!

“It’s going good with players in good shape and staying healthy,” Coach Drum started. “We still have a lot of learning for our skill positions and our depth up front is deep.”

Last year those words for those players in the trenches was just the opposite which led to an inconsistency during those opening games.

“The Senior leadership will be huge as some in this group have been part of the program since their sophomore season,” Coach continued. “They have been really good for out football team the last three years….having played in some tight games and that will give us an advantage and a lot of that is mental.”

It has been documented on how The Lake has wilted during those last two quarters. During these past two campaigns the Hawks have had 9 of their 11 losses with the half-time scores between 7 or fewer points of separation.

When Canyon Lake was leading or tied going into halftime, the end result, has your Hawks sporting a, 9-8 record.

Bottom line is seeing the importance of playing better during those final 24 minutes as your Hawk’s record for that 1st Half is a balmy: 12-5-5 record.


                                 THE PAST 2 YEARS
Break Down      12 Halftime Leads     5 Halftime Losing     5 Halftime Ties
Ended with an       8-4 record            2-3 record          1-4 record

“We were disappointed in last year as we had mistakes that came at inopportune times,” Coach assessed on so many costly mistakes for many of those losses. “I think our Seniors can be coaches on the field and will always be helpful in those type of games.”

         Go Hawks & Fly High this year!!

“We will have to focus and have mental toughness and we hammered that into them during this off-season,” Drum said. “It helped out with having a lot more participation in our strength and conditioning this Summer…it was the best that we have ever had.”

On how the schedule looks for the upcoming season: “Our non-district games will be a tough schedule,” Coach Drum beat. “All of those schools should make the playoffs and East Central is picked 4th in a district that has, Converse Judson…Cibolo Steele….Schertz Clemens.”

SA East Central will also be facing Smithson Valley before their murderous row of district foes.

“For our district, you take out LBJ and add Marble Falls who will play physical and Davenport skill wise reminds me of that LBJ team from last year. Davenport has had two years of preparing for this season and so they will be ready.”

Canyon Lake will be able to have a good idea of just how this Spring and Summer has helped in taking care of those little miscues that resulted in losses for a team that looks to be all business and ready to make in-roads for better results.

Get ready as the season comes calling in 18 days and as Always: Lets Go Hawks!!