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Football, Game Article | September 3, 2022

CL Hawks Suspended Article with Fredericksburg

                                                                  QuarterBack Hunter Anderson passing for a Suspended Reception.


Heavy clouds were present before Canyon Lake’s game with the Billies and a lightning delay that would eventually lead to suspending the game and wait till next year mantra.

With that being said, The ReSporter wanted to share some incomplete stats as there were happenings in this contest that indicated a morphing for future opponents.

What was that morphing? It did not show itself on the defensive side of the ball as that has been a strength for much of last season and holding Wimberley to 21 points to start this campaign was an indication, the ‘D’, would continue their positive vibe after giving up two touchdowns on Wimberley’s first 2 drives last week before holding the Texans to one score the remainder of that outing.

Special Teams: Kicking needs to improve but Hayden Baker’s one punt in this Freddie game has not been seen in a Canyon Lake game in a long time, if ever. Albeit being one punt but it was a thing of beauty with height and distance going 47 yards in the air with plenty of time for Hawks to be waiting for the punt to hit the ground with an opposition returner.

You would have to put that morphing occurring on the offensive side of the ball after seeing CL driving for another score when the (good)nightning happened with 2:49 remaining before halftime.

It was believed that this said lightning was caused by The Lake’s 8th caught pass before halftime when Chase Anderson’s reception went 26 yards and CL’s next snap at the Billies 28 yard line.

           Way to Suspend the Billies!!

Eight completions before a half for a slot-t offense is unheard of and with 10 passes total thrown would usually think that took  2 or 3 games worth of passing stats.

Now, there will be a different element for opposing teams as they prepare for a game with Canyon Lake as there will be two different offenses to prepare for and one (slot-t) having to take up more time as this offense is not a common type of arsenal for teams.

There are schools that might face the slot-t offense once or twice a season with the majority of battles being a spread or any other passing style offense to prepare for.

Yes, the sample size is an uncompleted half but what was seen is enough to cause opponents needing more preparations.

Larger classifications such as 5A or 6A schools have a couple of teams that have an offense that installs the slot-t and those 4A teams that might play more running type of teams but needing more time to get their act together on a game week might cause problems.

Quarterback Hunter Anderson

A halftime with 134 passing real estate ranks 37th for reception yardage and there are only 8 games since the slot-t was installed in 2013 that has had more than CL’s total in this suspended half.

If Coach Charley Drum was interviewed after this game he would mention those 7 penalties that totaled 70 yards and cleaning that part of the game up, but a bigger picture is knowing that this might be the catalyst on how to take care of those upcoming contests.

Want to stop the run then pass….want to stop the pass then run: It is truly a pick your poison as this season now hits a part of a schedule with teams in that 5A & 6A category.

This could be a fun ride so buckle up and hopefully next week won’t have the word, Suspended’ in the title.

Way to Go Hawks!!



Team Stats           Billies      Hawks
Total Yards          53           239
First Downs          4            11
Rush/Yards           12/40        24/105
Comp/Att/Int         3/5/0        8/10/0
Passing Yardage      13           134
Punts/Average        2/36.5       1/47.0
Fumbles/Lost         1/1          1/0
Penalties-Yards      0-0          7-70

Passing              Comp  Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
Hunter Anderson      8     10   .800   134   0    1

Rushing              Att  Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
Hunter Anderson      7     53    7.6   11   0
James Garza          6     23    3.9    6   0
Helijah Johnson      6     18    3.0    5   0
Ethan Schildhauer    4      8    2.0    5   0
Chase Anderson       1      3    3.0    3   0
totals              24    105    4.4   11   0

Receiving            No   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
Helijah Johnson      3     49   16.3   23   1
Chase Anderson       2     44   22.0   26   0
Hayden Baker         2     40   20.0   32   0
Carter Williams      1      1    1.0    1   0
Totals               8    134   16.8   32   1