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Track & Field | November 11, 2022

Alencia Lentz Will be Soaring to New Heights at Baylor in Pole Vault

                          Alencia Lentz signing to continue education and pole vault at Baylor University.


Alencia Lentz will be soaring to new heights after graduation in signing to attend Baylor University on a Track & Field Scholarship.

Monica (Mom), Alencia & Brad (Dad) Lentz on a momentous day!

At this time last year the only remembrance about Alencia was hearing rumors that there was a junior enrolled and she was a good pole vaulter.

Well that rumor turned out to be a truism as this young lady waltzed herself to Austin and won that event while also setting a record with a vault of 13:06.00 and just missed the all time record in girls track for all classes.

Alencia was not finished as she was running another event  later on Canyon Lake’s 4×400 meter relay with her teammates, Claire Schroeder, Hannah Hammer, and Ayren Lightfoot. Which, all these students, will return for another chance this year to place higher.

Pole Vault is one track event  that takes several components to be successful and to compete on this stage is what many people love to watch as long as they are not the one having to conquer that vault.

Five Hawks in State Meet with Alencia Lentz Winning Pole Vault, 13’6

Monica (Mom) on what thoughts come to mind about Alencia, “Determination and her Faith in God…she doesn’t give up and she perseveres. I think she will thrive when she goes to Baylor because she is very independent and loves what she does.”

Brad (Dad) was next with his thoughts for Alencia, “Her commitment and perseverance and she will continue to use her gifts and talents through God and give Glory to Him!”

Alencia Lentz staying calm before signing to attend Baylor!

Wow, it seems that Alencia’s parents gave a double dose of what she brings to the table in life. Pretty good traits we all could learn from.

On her road to choosing Baylor, “Well I went on four visits and when I went to Baylor I just knew in my heart that I wanted to go there but I wanted to keep an open mind. I talked with the coaches and I loved them and it just took me back to there.”

On your open heart thoughts…did that come from your Christian Faith? “Yeah…I prayed about it a lot and I was trying to see where God wanted me to go and where I would thrive best and that was Baylor.”

On what was going through Alencia’s mind when she won the State Meet, “Honestly, I wasn’t thinking much about winning state as I was trying to stay focused and calm and it ended up working out well. I really wasn’t even thinking about state like that…I just trying to stay calm and make the jump.”

What will be your major? “Something to do with management but I don’t know 100% yet but something to do bout that.”

You get an idea that this young lady will be soaring in all areas of her life as her priorities seems to be her relationship with Christ and that means she has already won the biggest event anyone can with eternal life.

The Hawk Nation will wait with anticipation as this track season comes calling in a few months and a chance to see just how high she can soar into those record books.

Congrats Alencia!! And SIC’EM BEARS!!