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Game Article, Track & Field | February 26, 2023

Lady Hawk’s Junior Varsity Finish First in Panther Relays

Rylee Wunderlich (finished 3rd) & Jazlyn Kearney (finished 1st) scored 16 points in their 800 meter run and help lead CLJV to Panther Relay 1st Place.
(photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)


Canyon Lake’s Lady Junior Varsity were seeing double when 10 different athletes finished with double digit scoring while edging out Wimberley for their first place finish in Blanco during the Panther Relays.

                       GO HAWKS!!

Mia Zabarcencu scored 17 points on 3 events that led this Double Digit Brigade.

“We had a great example of team work at the Panther Relays,” Head Girls Coach Sami Theurer stated. “We made some switches this week and it really made a difference with both JV and Varsity.”

Coach Theurer continued, “Our JV girls were one point behind Wimberley before the 4×400 meter relay and our Hawks pulled off a 1st place finish giving them an overall 1st place team meet win.”


                   JV point grabbers:
Name               Points   Events                 Place
Mia Zabarecencu      17     400m-4x200-4x400       1st-4th-1st
Haley Petty          16     100m-300m hurdles      2nd-2nd
Jazlyn Kearney       15     800m-4x400             1st-1st
Reagan Reinarz       14     1600m-3200m            3rd-2nd
Avery Hime           14     1600m-3200m            1st-4th
Keira Kite           14     100m-200m              3rd-2nd
Reece Coburn         13     300 hurdles/4x100      1st-3rd
Brooklyn Andrews     13     400m-4x400             2nd-1st
Rylee Wunderlich     12     800m-discus            3rd-3rd
Marlee Christian     11     triple jump-4x100-200  3rd-3rd-4th

Pretty impressive way to spread the wealth as another 4 athletes scored in single digits.

Deliah King finished with 7 points in 2 events in the 100m & 4×100 relay, Emorlie Jones 3rd in the high jump and Ayden Purdem was another long distance runner who placed in the Hawks 3200 run that had all 3 Hawks in this event scoring points.

               Let’s GO FAST HAWKS!!

Delaney Meier had 2 events scoring 5 points and Jaelynn Davidson was also instrumental scoring 7 points win 2 events too.

That has to be the biggest take a-way from this meet is seeing how those distance events have evolved into a strength as that has many times not been a point distribution event.

Zabarcencu (love that last name) was impressive with two 1st place trophies as well as Kearney copying that blue print.

Other Hawk first place finishers were Avery Hime (1600m) and Coburn who participated in her first track meet and capped it off with a first place in the 300 meter hurdles (with special coaching coming from Brilee Eaton).

This was a first for The Lake as this meet had CLJV winning their first track meet with those final results below.

Way to Go Fast Hawks!!


                  BLANCO PANTHER RELAYS
                  JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS

                  Canyon Lake      166
                  Wimberley        163
                  Llano             73
                  Blanco            70
                  Comfort           59
                  Lago Vista        43
                  Johnson City      24

                     100 meter     result
      Keira Kite           14.14    3rd
      Deliah King          14.30    4th
      Standifer            14.80

                     200 meter
      Keira Kite           30.34    2nd
      Munoz                32.47
      Standifer            34.02

                     400 meter
      Mia Zabarcencu       68.20    1st
      Brooklyn Andrews     68.75    2nd
      Munoz                75.90

                     800 meter
      Jazlyn Kearney     2:47.00    1st
      Rylee Wunderlich   2:50.00    3rd
      Hudson             3:05.00

                    1600 meter
      Avery Hime         6:29.00    1st
      Reagan Reinarz     6:42.00    3rd
      Ayden Purdum       6:48.00    7th

                    3200 meter
      Reagan Reinarz    14.20.00    2nd
      Avery Hime        14.23.00    4th
      Ayden Purdum      15.14.00    5th
                 100 meter hurdles
      Haley Petty          18.76    2nd
      Reece Coburn         20.82    7th

                 300 meter hurdles
      Reece Coburn         56.92    1st
      Haley Petty          57.39    2nd

      4x100 relay          55.72    3rd
      Marley Christian      Deliah King
      Reece Coburn          Delaney Meier

      4x200 relay        2:02.73    4th
      Delaney Meier         Mia Zabarcencu
      Jaelynn Davidson      Marley Christian

      4x400 relay        4:38.00    1st
      Mia Zabardencu        Jazlyn Kearney
      Jaelynn Davidson      Delaney Meier

                     shot put
      Ramirez            21-6.50    7th

      Rylee Wunderlich      71’8    3rd

                    triple jump
      Marley Christian      30’7    3rd

                     high jump
      Emorie Jones          4’-4    3rd