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Baseball, Softball | April 9, 2023

Baseball & Softball Standings Recap

                           Griffin Williams rounding the bases after his deposit over the left-field fence!
(photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)


Rain delay was the winner this past week and after several rescheduled notices District 27-4A came up with a plan to have all the schools set Monday for that make-up game and then immediately starting this week’s Tuesday-Friday battles.

   Go Hawks Now Let’s Get Some HITS!!

This scenario leaves the district in an elongated tournament where each school will need a minimum of 3 pitchers to finish this week out.

Usually a team will have two decent options for that Friday contest but when that 3rd game presents itself then there could be a chance having batters with a chance of winning those at bats.

When the baseball season starts each school will have 3 weeks of tournaments and those tourneys might have a team playing two games a day. Those conditions will show how many pitchers a team has with pitch counts leaving their aces only a game to be on the mound. Hence a team with an all hands on deck tournament after those first two battles.

With an 85 pitch count, a pitcher will need 4 days rest before given a chance being back with a ball in their hands for their next start.

Potentially this Friday will now have higher run counts due to that situation which could leave a chance for some upsets.

The ReSporter has the records for each school with those 3rd & 4th tournament games played this season below. (Based on 3 Tournaments)


        School            W  L  T
        CL Hawks          5  1  0
        Boerne            4  2  0
        Davenport         3  3  0
        Fredericksburg    3  3  0
        Wimberley         2  3  1
        Bandera           2  4  0

Boerne is still the class act with an undefeated district ledger and Canyon Lake will see if they can be more consistent and continue what was produced on the diamond last Tuesday in the Hawks, 11-3 win over Davenport.

                    Way to Go Hawks!!

The winner of this game on Monday will have 2nd place to themselves…in fact, by looking in the crystal ball a prognosticator would have the Greyhounds on the winning side in beating last place Bandera.

Then a Freddie & Wimbo winner sitting as one of the 4 teams with a playoff spot.

Yes, there is a lot more games to be played but jockeying for position will be that main sport as each week unfolds.

As for CL’s Softball team there next district win will be their first district win. Softball has officially been eliminated for a playoff berth this season.

With Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Davenport being the top 3 schools leaves only one spot left. That leaves Wimberley and Bandera those next two and with CL’s 2nd loss to the Texans leaves CL out for a tie breaker entrance.

A Bandera split would put both of these schools tied for last in district. That one outside chance for making a playoff would have the Hawks needing a sweep to finish out their district schedule.

If that happens then a guarantee would still have to be worked out on tie-breaker scenarios.

See you on Monday and GO HAWKS!!


BASEBALL                    DISTRICT 27-4   SOFTBALL
              W  L     Pct                                W  L     Pct
Boerne        8  0   1.000                  Boerne        6  0   1.000
CL Hawks      4  4    .500                  Freddie       4  2    .667
Davenport     4  4    .500                  Davenport     4  2    .667
Freddie       3  5    .375                  Wimberley     2  4    .333
Wimberley     3  5    .375                  Bandera       2  4    .333
Bandera       2  6    .250                  CL Hawks      0  6    .000

                             This Week’s Schedule:
Monday     Davenport   @  CL Hawks  3:30pm  Billies   vs  CL Hawks  Noon
           Boerne      @  Billies                     @   Wimberley   
           Wimberley   @  Bandera

Tuesday    Boerne      @  CL Hawks  6:00pm  CL Hawks  @   Boerne    7:00pm
           Davenport   @  Bandera
           Wimberley   @  Billies

Friday     CL Hawks    @  Boerne    6:00pm  Bandera   @   CL Hawks  7:00pm
           Bandera     @  Bandera
           Billies     @  Wimberley