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Boys Basketball, Standings | December 26, 2023

CL Boy’s Basketball Standings & Hawks at Halfway Mark

                      Jacob Holland getting two points in the paint.
(photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)

Season        W   L    Pct    District     W   L     Pct   GB
Boerne       14   4   .778    Davenport    1   0   1.000    -
Davenport    14   4   .778    Wimberley    1   0   1.000    -
Billies      10   6   .625    Canyon Lake  1   0   1.000    -
Bandera      11   7   .611    Boerne       0   0    .000   0.5
Wimberley     9   7   .563    Bandera      0   1    .000   1.0
Navarro       7   7   .500    Navarro      0   1    .000   1.0
Canyon Lake   9  10   .474    Billies      0   1    .000   1.0

                 District 28-4A Results
                 CL Hawks   46  Billies   40
                 Davenport  50  Navarro   43
                 Wimberley  62  Bandera   56
                 Boerne Bye

                 January 2nd
                 CL Hawks    @  Davenport
                 Navarro     @  Bandera
                 Wimberley   @  Boerne
                 Bandera Bye


                  Let’s Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake was finally able to have enough ammo for their battle against Fredericksburg last week with a well deserved win over the Billies, 46-40.

The last time The Lake was able to beat FHS was January 10, 2010 when they outscored the Billies, 57-54.

Thirteen years later, The Hawks were able to get that next victory. CLHS is the only school in District 27-4A that presently is below .500 record wise and the next round of district foes fighting it out comes on January 2nd after their last tournament in Fredericksburg December 28th-30th.

The Hawks have been short handed since the season started with two players Jaxson Jeter & Carter Williams nursing injuries and then there was more company after Dalton Stromquist went down in the second outing which left CL with 3 starters who had finished last year as starters.

Williams returned 8 games ago and Jeter/Stromquist made their comeback during the Freddie win.

The ReSporter was able to sit down with Head Coach Monte Cole to talk where Canyon Lake stands after reaching the half-way point of this 2024 campaign.

                     Way to Go Hawk’s!!

“We didn’t really know what we were going to get,” Coach Cole said when asked what he thought how the last two puzzle pieces (Stromquist & Jeter) would do on their return. “I was surprised when Jaxson came in for his first minute and a half by being that aggressive. He studies the game while he is on the bench but both Jaxson and Dalton were both aggressive and they were difference makers for us.”

Coach Cole continued, “Harris (Gilliam) had three huge plays during the 4th (quarter) with a hustle basket and then took a charge and then added a steal.”

During this part of the contest, Canyon Lake, needed other players to step up after Mario Aguilar and Stromquist both had to leave after some minor injuries that knocked them out for the remainder of this tilt.

Canyon Lake had been able to get their whole team with lots of reps resulting by being short handed for those first 18 games and the whole team had showed they could  help when called upon.

“I ask the team to hunt for great shots and I want them to have quick ball reversals and be aggressive,” Coach quipped. “Each player has a role and they will have different reasons to be in a game whether it is to defend or do both (scoring). We want to have paint touches and when they have good shots we want them to look for great shots!”

   Hit Man says way to Hit’em Hawks!!

Canyon Lake has had slow 3rd quarters as this season has matured, “We (the coaches) are trying to figure out why we are having a lack of focus coming out of halftime,” Coach said. “I want us to win the quarter and that can happen with our defense…I tell the players that, ‘If they (our opponent) can’t score then they are not going to beat us.’”

The Hawks recorded 13 turnovers in their Billie win and Coach Cole was asked what he could live within a game, “I would like to be below 10 but I know for high school that might not be an attainable number for most games…so…I would be pleased being below 15 (turnovers) for a game.”

Earlier during this season Canyon Lake seemed to have hit a wall and Coach Cole surmise, “I think I might have scheduled too many games in that short span of time without having enough practices.”

Well, that certainly will not be the case when next week’s tournament in Fredericksburg comes into to focus. With a Christmas break the Hawks can get some stamina back before going into a tourney with district starting in earnest to start the New Year.

On what Coach Cole is looking for in this tournament knowing that there are several good schools in the mix, “I want them to show up and compete against those people…play hard after their 3 to 5 days off and not sleep walk thru this tourney.”

This tournament will allow your Hawks a chance to get all those new faces in game action which will re-introduce them playing as a team before district starts.

Merry CHRISTmas & Go Hawks!!