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Boys Basketball | February 8, 2024

Hawks Basketball Needs a Win or Go Home at Navarro Friday

Carter Williams walking on air for another 2 points in earlier win over Bandera.
(photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)


After Canyon Lake’s two point loss against Wimberley the next rung on the ladder will have a must win over Navarro this Friday.

Authentic Canyon Lake says Go Hawks & Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day!!

The Hawks have hit a funk during the worst time of the year as they have yet to win one game since the 2nd round of district play that began two weeks ago.

CL’s blowout loss to frontrunner Boerne and those other 4 losses have been by 3 points or less. Yes, The Lake, has been in all of those games but the result has been painfully the same….a loss.

That loss to Davenport who has just one loss to Boerne can show how this team has been so close to the edge but just can’t jump off into the water for a swim.

Here is some avenues that will present themselves Friday and Tuesday below:

If Bandera and Wimberley can beat those two frontrunners then a 4 team playoff will have been set leaving CLHS and FHS looking through the window from the outside.

         Let’s Go Hawks Beat Navarro!

With those same two teams (Wimbo-Bandera) losing would present an opportunity for the Hawks and Billies to get an invite.

1) Bandera faces Boerne next Tuesday and if the Bulldogs win that game then Canyon Lake will have played their last game on Friday. A loss could result in a two, three, or four school playoff for those two remaining spots.

2) If the Texans can beat Davenport then they would be the 3rd seed whether a win or loss to Freddie this Friday. A loss by Wimberley against both schools would present a three of four team playoff.

                   Let’s GO HAWKS!!

3) The Wimberley & Fredericksburg winner on Friday would give us two possibilities.

A Billies win could result in a 4 or 3 way tie based on the Texans result playing the Wolves.

If there is 4 schools vying for 2 spots then a coin flip would determine an elimination with winners in and losers out.

Then the two winning schools would then play or flip for that 3rd or 4th seed. Teams have a window from Thursday to Saturday next week to determine who’s in and out.

Below is the upcoming schedule. Let’s Go Hawks!!

                   Friday     Tuesday  
Bandera     (5-6): Open Date, Boerne
Texans:     (5-5): Billies,   Davenport
Canyon Lake (4-7): Navarro,   Open Date
Billies:    (3-7): Texans,    Navarro

818 Points for Mario Aguilar for 2nd place (Parker Mott 929)
543 Points for Carter Williams for 7th place
490 Rebounds for Williams for 3rd place
444 Rebounds for Aguilar for 4th place
358 Points for Jaxson Jeter for 15th place
356 Points for Jacob Holland for 17th place
188 Assists for Aguilar for 2nd place (Tyler Pauly 214)
144 Steals for Williams for 2nd place (Parker Mott 169)
132 Made Free Throws for Aguilar for 4th place
117 Assists for Jeter for 7th place
116 Steals for Aguilar for 5th place
106 Assists for Williams for 10th place
 99 Three Pointers for Aguilar for 3rd place
 78 Three Pointers for Holland for 5th place
 78 Blocks for Williams for 3rd place
 76 Steals for Jeter for 9th place
 53 Three Pointers for Jeter 10th place
 40 Blocks for Aguilar for 8th place