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Coaches Corner with the Hawk’s Charley Drum

Coaches Corner with Hawk’s Charley DrumHead Coach Charley Drum 100_1535

The ReSporter: Another tough game with Blanco, last season you changed some personnel after that loss…will you be making some changes this week?

Coach Drum: “Not as much, the effort was there and the mistakes can be taken care of. We wanted to see their set and they (the players) did the same thing.”

The ReSporter: That old adage of how a team improves from game one to game two, what are your thoughts.

Coach Drum: “They did well and we had a lot of improvement from the last scrimmage to the game with Blanco. They get it, were they perfect? No! But I like what I saw.”

The ReSporter: This season you have several Sophomores, a group of players that are not used to losing….what was their reaction?

Coach Drum: “After the game, the younger guys apologized and took the responsibilities personal. That answered a big question for us.”

The ReSporter: What will you get when you take the field this week with Smithville?

Coach Drum: “They have speed and some good backs…we will have to tackle better. When their offense gets going then we will have to react.”

The ReSporter: I noticed during the Blanco game that kicker Mike Thorpe boomed the kickoff into the end zone, were you thinking of using him during the game?

Coach Drum: “That will be a good weapon to have during this season, when we were down into their territory we were going against the wind so that was why he did not kick during that possession. But I know he can get a 35-45 against the wind and 45 and beyond with the wind.”

The ReSporter: You also have to be pleased with his coffin corner kick near the end of the game too.

Coach Drum: “That had to be the best punt in Canyon Lake’s history when he did that. This is an especially nice weapon to have in our kicking game.”

The ReSporter: This should be a fun game and we look forward to talking next week Coach, Good Luck!!