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Lady Hawks Start District Play this Tuesday

Sr. Char Hutson preparing the Hawk’s Offense for an attack.  (photo by Karen Holmes)


CL’s Girls Basketball team was at one time, early in their stages, being 5 games over .500 after their 4th year of existence.

                 Go Lady Hawks!!

That record had that first year’s team making a lot of brands on teams with many victories over some salty opponents.

Since that those winning seasons, the Hawks went through 4 years of having losing records but one item was consistent during those span of contests and that was how CL had performed against their District counterparts.

In fact, it has been 7 years since Canyon Lake has carried a winning district slate on their banner during after each year is in the books.

Winning winnable games is good during the coarse of a season, but needing to carry that over to those games that count, has been that one item still not accomplished.

Not having a winning records in district play.

Up to this point, CL, has had a couple of 5-7 records but other than that, and the winning record during the 2010 season, the well has been dry for the Hawks.

Last year’s team finished with 30 played games and The ReSporter took those stats and compared them to this year’s squad to get an idea of where improvement has come from as well as still needing to improve in other areas. This year’s squad has played 27 games with a 22-5 record.

Freedom Mail Center says Way to Go Hawks!

First thing off the bat is shooting percentages inside the 3 point arc. Last year’s crew shot 32% while this year, there is a 41% percentage.

A good stat as a better percentage can also be attributed to having 50 more steals with 8 games yet to be played. Those steals will many times result in lay-ups and better shooting percentages.

For the 3 point and free throw percentages, those numbers are the same. Both years the Hawks have shot 24% from beyond the arc and 55% from the charity stripe. Yes, these two areas would help this team if those shots were at a better rate.

Another stat that can tell the casual fan that your team is better comes from the number of assists. How bout 54 more assists compared to last season, giving you an idea that this group of Sophomores have a better understanding of their offense. Yes, you can also attribute that statement to the Seniors as they also have been on the court with these plays for that same amount of time.

Hill Country Furnishings says Go Hawks

        Congrats Lady Hawks!!

Blocks are up, as Caroline Kullberg is on a record pace of surpassing the best any Hawk has had up to this year, this stat can be attributed to her play in the paint.

Turnovers are down by 150 from last season’s team and that number will be closer after 3 more   games for an apples to apples idea of just how good this has been for Canyon Lake. If CL’s average turnover takes place in the next three battles, then it would be 100 fewer turnovers.

That is 100 more chances to score to put it mildly.

District play will usually coincide with playing better teams and this will certainly be the case again, but a better Hawk defense will help with better results in getting more victories during a time of year that will determine making those T-Shirts.

                      Go Hawks!!

Head Coach Zach Burleson will be the first to let you know that there are still many things he wants to see from these ladies, but there are enough reasons above that will let you know this year’s team will not go through the District 28-4A schedule with a goose egg.

Go Hawks and The ReSporter wear’s a Large when the time comes!!