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Pre/Game: Bracken Christian vs. CASA Friday 7:30pm

Pre/Game         CASA        @      Bracken Christian
                 Rams (3-3)         Warriors (4-2)
History: Bracken has a 5-0 record with the Rams.
 2008 BCS 58 Casa 13
 2009 BCS 64 Casa 19
 2010 BCS 50 Casa 00
 2011 BCS 74 Casa 06
 2012 BCS 53 Casa 00
Season Records:
 BCS  38  Austin Hill Country 61     Casa  06  Lifegate         44
 BCS  34  Logos Prep          30     Casa  00  FEAST            46
 BCS  50  Prairie Lea         00     Casa  59  Atonement        14
 BCS  34  Emery-Weiner        27     Casa  46  Selma Believers  53
 BCS  42  NB Christian        06     Casa  49  Pasadena Faith   00
 BCS  06  Boerne Geneva       50     Casa  66  The Winston      18

Bracken Christian is having to regroup as they prepare in trying to start another streak of wins this season.

Last week’s game was not a good barometer for how to get into a playoff type of atmosphere and certainly some changes will need to be made on how this team will go into the last half of their schedule.

Casa Rams have three wins which is a high water mark for this team over the last few seasons.

This Ram team has a couple of players that will give you notice that the game might not be a runaway victory just because you suit up.

A quick quarterback and a bruising fullback to catch those dump off passes will have to be that major points for this Warrior team to stop to help secure a victory.

Austin Hill Country game comes to mind again in thinking that sometimes BCS might have problems with an effective offense that can pull this off.

With an injury to Coy Zunker, Bracken has lost a good player that has led the team in tackles for games this year as well as leading the team in interceptions.

By this time of the year, the younger players have enough time invested that it is time to see what they can do as fill ins for this and many other games coming up.

Coach Fields has eluded to bringing more offensive players over to the defensive side of the ball as the weather starts to cool off and that might help beef up this side of the ball even with the loss of Zunker.

This game will also give you the idea that Casa is playing better now than they were earlier this season.

In 6-man you don’t need a lot of injuries or sickness to affect the outcome of a contest and without knowing that component, then a guess is all you can deduce.

Bracken has won all of their games with the Rams with mercy games and that should be the goal of this year’s club if they want to give other schools yet to play that they are for real.

The Bracken passing game does need to improve for this club to go far into the playoffs and the running game will need to step it up also.

BCS has scored only 6 points two times in their history, that was their first game ever on a football field in a loss to Bryan Christian Homeschool, 56-6.

The next game in points was a 8 point affair in Bracken’s second game ever, when they lost to FEAST, 50-8.

After those first two games the Warriors have averaged 49 points per game.

This game should allow the homecoming party for dancing in the streets as Bracken leaves their case for the big stage….good luck.