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Football, Sport News | February 25, 2013

All-State Academic Name 4 Players for Bracken Christian

Bracken Christian has four players named to the 2012-13 Academic All-State 6

Senior Eli Achilles posed with Junior Davis Scott before start of season.

Man Football list.

Three Juniors and one Senior made the list and deserve just as much accolades for this nugget than yardage gained or tackled.

Eli Achilles was the lone Senior making this list after excelling on the athletic and books side just as well. Achilles’ will walk across a stage later this year and so now you need to work on your books just like you do in sports.

You can’t miss in this world with that combination. Congratulations.

Davis Scott, Preston Koch, and Sam Hilgendorf also made this prestigious list and will return for another year.

Davis Scott played several positions and even changed his main position during last year’s campaign. That alone tells you how this young man made this honor.

Junior Sam Hilgendorf giving the thumbs up

Preston Koch is a methodical player that gets things done on the gridiron and you can get that same idea, that he takes his school work in like manner.

Sam Hilgendorf is growing in stature physically as well as through his studies and you too are a student that will do well by staying on this same course.

Congrats to all four athletes, this was your biggest highlight of this season.