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Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Stats | March 27, 2019

Boy’s & Girl’s Soccer Playoffs in Burnet

                                                                   Trenton Lorett & Hawks Take Down Freddie, 5-1.
(photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Canyon Lake will have a double-header on Thursday when the Lady Hawks kick-off the action at 5:30pm and then will have the Boys waiting on deck.

                     Let’s GO HAWKS!!

CL’s Lady Hawks will be a 4th seed playing against Liberty Hill, a team that won their district in convincing fashion.

The Lake’s girls team is loaded with underclassmen and will certainly be fighting an uphill battle but the good news is that they are in the battle.

Canyon Lake has four Seniors on a very deep club 25 team squad. Combined with the Juniors, the upperclassmen bring that number up to 11 athletes letting you see there are more Freshman and Sophomores going into this battle.

This has been a learning time in working in all those new Hawks into a team that lost a bus load of Seniors last season.

Going through the Hawk roster and you will see several players that are involved with other CL Sports. That will play heavily for the playoffs as well as those future years.

Giving up 17 goals during the first round of district play was parlayed back to just having 11 goals scored during the second round of play. All of the District 28-4A schools scored less than the previous round.

That gives you a good idea of the improvement as this year has matured. Canyon Lake will need their offense to attack with more goals that would help in pulling off a major upset.

CL’s Boys Soccer is going into this Post-Season with a 2nd seed in their game against Lampasas.

     Let’s Go Hawks & Stay Cool!!

A winnable game, but the Hawks will need to realize that the lower seed team will be out to prove that seed being wrong. That is how each of the previous years have been and will need to realize to step up their play to win a game they are favored in.

Canyon Lake has won 5 of their last 6 contests and has outscored their foes 23-7 during those 6 games. The records of these two teams when compared to common opponents has CL with an, 8-2-1 result while the Badgers stand with a, 3-6 count.

CL’s Boys are opposite than the Hawk Ladies when looking at the two rosters as The Lake is well represented by a strong Senior class that was part of the playoffs two years ago, during a run to the Sweet 16.

Should be a fun night for both Hawk Squads and GO HAWKS!!


                 Top 10 Boys for Goals and Assists (All-Time & This Year)

          All-Time Goals                 All-Time Goals               Season
          Grayson Rohrbacher   42        Grayson Rohrbacher     34     '17
          Mike Thorpe          36        Mike Thorpe            22     '16
          Trenton Lorett       21        Mike Thorpe            13     '15
          Matt Bell            19        Trenton Lorett         12     '18
          Nash Young           16        Jordan Sczech           9     '17
          Joshua Sczech        11        Trenton Lorett          8     '19
          Jordan Sczech        11        Joshua Sczech           8     '19
          Juan Martinez        11        Nash Young              6     '19
          James Alexander       9        Matt Bell               6     '18
          Francisco Camarillo   6        Matt Bell               6     '17
          Matt Clark            6        Nash Young              6     '17
          Juan Martinez         6        Juan Martinez           6     '11
                                         Francisco Camarillo     6     '10

          All-Time Assists               All-Time Assists             Season
          Jordan Sczech        19        Jordan Sczech          14     '17
          Matt Bell            14        Grayson Rohrbacher      8     '17
          Mason Blackburn      13        Mason Blackburn         7     '17
          Grayson Rohrbacher   12        James Alexander         6     '17
          James Alexander      11        Matt Bell               5     '17
          Nash Young            8        Matt Bell               5     '19
          Joshua Sczech         7        Joshua Sczech           5     '19
          Richard Rosas         7        Mike Thorpe             5     '16
          Trenton Lorett        6        Mason Blackburn         5     '16
          Mike Thorpe           6        Matt Adams              4     '16
                                         Jordan Sczech           4     '15
                                         Nash Young              4     '17
                                         Trenton Lorett          4     '17
                                         Richard Rosas           4     '17

          All-Time Points                All-Time Points              Season
          Grayson Rohrbacher    96       Grayson Rohrbacher     76     '17
          Mike Thorpe           76       Mike Thorpe            49     '16
          Matt Bell             52       Jordan Sczech          32     '17
          Trenton Lorett        48       Mike Thorpe            27     '15
          Jordan Sczech         41       Trenton Lorett         26     '18
          Nash Young            40       Joshua Sczech          21     '19
          James Alexander       29       Matt Bell              17     '17
          Juan Martinez         25       Mason Blackburn        17     '17
          Mason Blackburn       23       Trenton Lorett         16     '19
          Joshua Sczech         21       Matt Bell              16     '18
                                         Nash Young             16     '17