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Boys Basketball, Coaches Corner | January 4, 2020

Coaches Corner with Coach Lucas Chapman

Ben Rowe is one of a strong group of senior players this season.                 (photo by Karen Holmes)


The ReSporter: Looking back at your game against La Vernia, how do you think the team you fielded before the Christmas break would have handled the Bears?

Coach Chapman: “Obviously, we are much different team now than we were back then. We have some different bodies playing and doing things a little bit differently. I’m sure they are in the same boat, so it would probably be a pretty good game if we played today.”

Coach Chapman planning strategy for another Hawk Victory.

The ReSporter: Give us your ideas of this year’s district opponents that will would be your hardest hurdle to clear?

Coach Chapman: “Fredericksburg and Boerne will be tough as usual. I think this is probably Fredericksburg’s most talented team that I have seen, which is saying a lot. Boerne will be and play like they always do. Wimberley will be very tough as well, once they knock of the rust from their football season. Pretty much their entire team plays football, so we don’t know much about them right now. It will certainly be a competitive and tough district and one of the best in the region.”

The ReSporter: This year Sub-Varsities are doing well, give the Hawk Nation an idea of their strength and overall thoughts.

Coach Chapman: “We have been very pleased with how our JV and freshmen teams are progressing. We have a bunch of athletic, strong and tough kids on those teams, which allow us to cause some chaos on defense. Defense and rebounding are certainly our strengths, and we have a done a good job playing to those. I really like that game to game, we are doing different things to help us win games.”

The ReSporter: What would be your ideal for a bench average of points per game compared with your starting five?

Coach Chapman: “We don’t ever really think of average points for the bench compared to the starting group. We just try to execute on each possession as best as we can and put guys in position to be successful.”

                   Let’s Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter:  As you start up your final games before district…what would be your major objective, besides wins, for the team?

Coach Chapman: “Going into our holiday tournament we wanted to get some games in where we could just knock off some rust and get back in the groove of things. We were able to go 3-1 last week in Kerrville, so it was a very successful tournament. We played some quality opponents, and were able to get everybody plenty of reps. It was a good weekend for us overall.”

The ReSporter: Turnovers have not been a major stumbling block this season….the ones that occur seem to be in wanting to make that perfect pass. How do you tweak those parts of the game? Does it just take more time playing together?

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

Coach Chapman: “Yeah I do agree that we have done a pretty good job taking care of the ball this season. That is something that we are continually charting and keeping up with during games. We talk about it constantly and emphasize it. I think as we continue throughout the season and get into being really locked in to what we are trying to do offensively based on game plan, it will hopefully help limit turnovers in the games that really matter the most.”

The ReSporter:  Thanks Coach and hope your season continues on the upward swing!!