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Boys Basketball, Football, Softball | January 4, 2020

Top 10 All-Decade Canyon Lake Hawk Teams, #10-9-8

Maddie Puente was one of many talented Sophomores that helped in moving the needle during a District Title and Area Finalist season.                  (photo by Karen Holmes)


The ReSporter thought it would be fun to review the last 10 years of Hawk Sports with the Top 10 events based on the staff from the this entity.

Do note, if you were not aware, The ReSporter has a staff of one and all the voting was unanimous and knows that there will be many Hawk Parents/Students that might have a better idea of where each event would rank or not rank in their own top 10 events.

The ReSporter does have a unique perspective that comes from knowing all about all the sports this past decade where most readers might be privy to just when they were performing or watching sons/daughters in those respective sports.

There are some parent’s that have had several children these past 10 years, the Tschoepe’s come to mind, that could rival The ReSporter’s Top Ten. But a family in that realm is few and still would be based on seeing those games/sports their children were active in.

Do note, The ReSporter, would love your thoughts after each countdown article as to see if what could be said changing those games that were mentioned or not.

Remember this list would not have the 2009 season included so many of those first wins the Volleyball/Football teams had would not be eligible for acknowledgment. That Fall of ’09 was indeed an incredible start in having those two teams being the first to qualify for playoffs but the decade would, in this case, be starting during the Spring of 2010.

There will be 4 articles articulating this list and each will consist of 3 games and that 4th article would be in The ReSporter’s eyes the No. 1 game this past 10 years.

Hope you enjoy and do let The ReSporter know your thoughts by commenting on the article or on the Facebook page.

This past decade the Hawks have had every sport make the playoffs and five achieved a district championship.


                Team                Playoffs                      Dist Championship
                Football              8 & Presently 7 in a row.         2017
                Volleyball            7 & Presently 6 in a row          2015
                Boys Basketball       4 & Presently 4 in a row
                Girls Basketball      3 & Presently 2 in a row          2018
                Boys Soccer           4 & Presently 4 in a row
                Girls Soccer          7 & Presently 7 in a row
                Softball              2    (2017-18)                    2018
                Baseball              1    (2018)

Track & Field does not have meets against just one school so playoffs is a misnomer, however, this sport ruled the roost two years ago in taking the district crown in and over Fredericksburg.

Here is the 8th, 9th, and 10th entries.

#10 The ReSporter wanted to throw out a game very few if any would remember but it happened for the Boys Basketball team and this entry is not Varsity game but a Junior Varsity contest.

Back during the 2013 season, CL’s Junior Varsity had some good players coming up but they had laid some proverbial eggs during the district season and had been beaten by Fredericksburg’s JV team by 47 points earlier during the first round of district contests on the road.

The Billies were back in town on February 7th, 2013 and your Hawks had served noticed that this could be a different ending when they both ended the first quarter tied at 13 all.

That 2nd quarter, the Billies had scored 25 points to take a 38-31 lead….. Canyon Lake would shave another 3 points from that advantage after ending the next stanza after halftime encouragement.

But the Billies JV had led throughout the contest and were still leading by 7 points with under a minute to play.

That was when all the excitement came to a climax and an eventual win over hefty favorite after a humiliating loss in that first go-around.

Read bout this game and why The ReSporter puts this contest in it’s Top 10 All-Decade Games.


Basketball Junior Varsity are 10th in Top Decade Games


#9 The ReSporter has Canyon Lake’s first win over Wimberley in Football during their 2013 season. The Texan’s had controlled this series from the outset and CL would not be able to break into the win column as Wimbo had an average score of, 41-14 as these neighbors had not been hospitable since the Hawks had started their entrance to varsity sports in 2008.

Canyon Lake suffered 5 years of set-backs until a Hawk win, 28-13 after a slow starting 2013 season that had The Lake with a season that started with 5 consecutive losses.

CL was able to control this contest from the get-go and could have been up by a bigger margin than the final score would indicate.

Regardless, getting this win was a big hurdle for this upstart school and gave some gravitas to a Hawk team that needed this type of win that would continue their eventual playoff season that had started behind the 8 ball.

Read bout this Battle of the Back-Bone win with the Link below and enjoy:

Hawks win First Battle of the Back-Bone game with Wimbo


#8 has The ReSporter picking the Hawks Softball 2018 squad that not only one a district title but were able to make it past the Bi-District round of playoffs.

Softball had qualified for the playoffs a few years earlier when district qualifiers were 3 schools instead of 4. That Hawk Softball team had one of the best players in pitcher, Missy Romero and the first Hawk team that finished 2nd during the district part of their season.

This 2018 season had a Hawk squad that relied on 3 good solid pitchers and a line-up of several good hitting ladies.

The key to this season was a win on the road against Freddie but more than that was taking care of Navarro during that first round and a chance to get to the Area Round.

Another Hawk team that had upped their game with a good group of Sophomores that helped compliment an overall top to bottom team.

Congrats on making the Top 10 and enjoy reading at the link below.


The ReSporter will have 5-6-7 place games/teams in the next article to be released later this week.

Hope you enjoy a trip into memory lane and enjoying the best of the past 10 campaigns.

And as always, Go Hawks!!